Tuesday, November 06, 2007

How to Piss Off Americans

How to piss off Americans
By Frosty Wooldridge (11/06/07)

This tribute focuses on American leaders who piss off Americans to the core of their being. It makes us so angry, we want to wring their necks. We want to tar and feather them. We need to send them out of town on a rail. We can't stand what they do to us!

First off, New York Governor Spitzer pissed off 80 percent of New Yorkers in his bid to provide illegal aliens a driver's license. That's the state where illegals blew up the World Trade Towers. That's the state where Hillary Clinton and Mayor Bloomberg favor and refuse to dissuade sanctuary policy for illegal aliens in New York.

At this moment, 29 government New York clerks claim they won't issue licenses to illegal aliens. A rash of New Yorkers seethe over Spitzer's initiative. He stands in violation of federal laws.

Behind him, in New Jersey, Governor Jon Corzine aids, abets and encourages illegal aliens. His side kick, Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, offers sanctuary policy to all illegals even after two illegals, Godinez and Carranza executed three African-American college kids in the back of their heads while they kneeled on the ground. You better believe Corzine and Booker earned the wrath of voters, citizens and anyone with an ounce of common sense.

John Baldacci created the first sanctuary state in Maine to protect illegal aliens by the tens of thousands from arrest and deportation. Today, those same illegals flood into Maine as they drive drunk, kill, rape and displace Americans from their jobs. Citizens of Maine may increase their usage of hypertensive medications, stressed with the fight to bring their governor into line.

House Representative Chris Cannon of Utah aids, abets and cheers illegal aliens. He�s been celebrated by La Raza. He's a skunk whom no one wants to stand beside, but he continues his charade against the people of Utah and the U.S. Constitution with a passion that made Fox and now, Mexico's President Calderon fabulously proud. Cannon stands as a traitor to all Americans.

Not to be outdone, Kay Bailey-Hutchinson of Texas, pissed off Texans with her pro-illegal alien stance. No wonder Texas features 1.5 million illegal aliens. No wonder Parkland Hospital in Dallas delivers 95 percent anchor babies that cost Texans millions upon millions of throw-away dollars in medical and schooling costs.

Pete Domenici of New Mexico must love his state overrun by illegals as he hasn�t changed his indolence in all his years in the senate. He angers every red blooded American who stands by the Stars and Stripes.

Texas Governor Rick Perry stands around picking his nose while his state suffers an invasion one thousand times worse than General Santa Ana that killed every Texan at the Alamo. Worse today, Texans watch their schools overrun, their hospitals overwhelmed, their prisons bursting and their local police killed (Brian Jackson in Dallas), and citizens murdered by drunk illegal aliens as well as shoot-outs in Laredo that mimic the wild west days. Perry angers Texans especially at Farmer's Branch where they fight for their lives while that do-nothing governor does nothing.

We're pissed off at the Dirty Dozen corrupt republican senators who voted for the Dream Act two weeks ago to suck more of our tax dollars into the pockets of illegal aliens while they break our laws.

Americans sicken to hear the same old refrain, "Illegal immigration is a federal matter."

Listen you money-grubbing, chicken-stealin', gutter trash without 10 rounds between you (borrowing a phrase from Robert Ryan in Sam Peckinpah's Wild Bunch), Americans gnash their teeth more exasperated than ever at the lawless Bush, Cheney (Bush's brain), "Lapdog for war" McCain, "Senile" Specter, "Drunk" Ted Kennedy, "Coward" Kyle, "Feeble" Orrin Hatch, "Fool" Bacca, "All sweet and nice like a dull knife" Hillary Clinton, "Come-over" Carl Levin, Boxer, Feinstein, Harry "Icabod Crane" Reid, "Traitor" Martinez, "Nebraska's impotent" Hagel and every pathetic U.S. Senator that voted us into the Iraq War while they left the borders wide open in 1993, 2001 and TODAY!

To the noteworthy senators standing up for our country, I applaud you for defeating that disgusting amnesty in June. Americans thank you for your leadership in deafeating that stupid and corrupted Dream Act. It's time to defend this country from this invasion and all the consequences affecting our precious Republic. We demand our laws deforced and we demand you stand true to your oath of office and override those senators that refuse to do their duty to God and country.

Every time U.S. Senators vote against the Constitution in favor of illegal aliens whether it's to give them medical care, free schooling on our backs, translators for their languages, lawyers for their breaking our laws, freebees on our backs, scant enforcement of our laws--they vote against our Republic; they vote against the citizens of the USA. They degrade our citizenship to the lowest common denominator of a law breaker. Every time those weasels in Congress with no integrity stand for this continued invasion, we suffer the consequences and we're sick of it!

You, Bush for your leaderless stand at the helm as you spin the wheel of our ship of state like it was Pat Sajak's "Wheel of Fortune." Worse, you might as well be spinning the wheel on the "Price is Right" as you see which of our kids suffers death in Iraq or amputation or burns or worse in this insane and useless overseeing of that civil war in the sands of the Middle East.

May God grant us new leaders with brains, souls, integrity for our citizens, our language, our way of life and the United States of America.

Copyright © 2007 Frosty Wooldridge All Rights Reserved.

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