Monday, December 17, 2007

Muslims Taking Over Meditation Rooms

Muslim Students Take Over 'Meditation Room' in Minnesota
Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 8:26:07 am PST

We've covered several cases like this one at LGF, enough to say that
it appears to be a trend; Muslim students take over public
meditation rooms at universities and turn them into de facto
mosques. Katherine Kersten has the latest example:
Normandale's `meditation room' is home to a single faith.

Last week, I visited a Muslim place of worship. A schedule for
Islam's five daily prayers was posted at the entrance, near a sign
requesting that shoes be removed. Inside, a barrier divided men's
and women's prayer space, an arrow informed worshippers of the
direction of Mecca, and literature urged women to cover their faces.

Sound like a mosque?

The place I'm describing is the "meditation room" at Normandale
Community College, a 9,200-student public institution in Bloomington.

Until recently, the room was the school's only usable racquetball
court. College administrators converted the court into a meditation
room when construction forced closure of the previous meditation

A row of chest-high barriers splits the room into sex-segregated
sections. In the smaller, enclosed area for women sits a pile of
shawls and head-coverings. Literature titled "Hijaab [covering] and
Modesty" was prominently placed there, instructing women on proper
Islamic behavior.

They should cover their faces and stay at home, it said, and their
speech should not "be such that it is heard."

"Enter into Islaam completely and accept all the rulings of Islaam,"
the tract read in part. "It should not be that you accept what
entertains your desires and leave what opposes your desires; this is
from the manners of the Jews."

"[T]he Jews and the Christians" are described as "the enemies of
Allaah's religion." The document adds: "Remember that you will never
succeed while you follow these people."

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