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NAFTA Cementing North American Union

By: Devvy
December 31, 2007

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"Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this
consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the
triumph." Thomas Paine, The American Crisis, No. 1 December 19, 1776

Millions of Americans are now aware of the plan for a North American
Union (NAU)/Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). This awareness
came via the Internet thanks to Phyllis Schafly and Dr. Jerome Corsi
(video). Lou Dobbs has given it an extraordinary amount of exposure
during his shows on CNN; the rest of CNN ignores it. The silence by ABC,
CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and FAUX (FOX) "news" networks has been deafening. The
attack by legends in their own minds, i.e., pusillanimous individuals
like Michael Medved, have been remarkable and a shame upon their
so-called profession.

If you are not familiar with this final step in the complete and total
destruction of our sovereign republic, I strongly recommend you go to
this web site and watch this fully documented and factual slide
presentation on this plan which I call treason. The definition of
treason is: disloyalty or treachery to one's country or it's government.
Treason is any attempt to overthrow the government or impair the
well-being of a state to which one owes allegiance; the crime of giving
aid or comfort to the enemies of one's government. I don't believe it is
inappropriate to use the word treason when it comes to this plan to
integrate America into one region with all the trappings of totalitarian

As someone who fought hard against NAFTA when I ran for Congress against
a liar named CON-gressman Wally Herger (R-CA), I knew back in 1993 how
devastating NAFTA would be to our three most important job sectors that
made America great: ag, manufacturing and industrial. CON-gressman
Herger said he would vote against it. He wrote a letter to the
California Ag Bureau six days before the vote laying out why it was so
dangerous and then just like the high paid hooker he is, voted for it.
Herger admitted he never read NAFTA as most members of Congress also did
not. These lackeys voted on a huge trade agreement, but never read it.
Despite massive opposition at the time, this unconstitutional treaty was
passed by a stupid, greedy Congress and signed into law by Marxist Bill
Clinton. While I applaud Rep. Marcy Kaptur's bill never mind re-negotiating
or get out - GET US OUT! This is the vehicle to implement a North American Union.

We are now starting to see the provisions kicking in at hyper speed to
finally destroy these united States of America and let me lay it out
crisp and clear:

The destruction of NAFTA was felt within the first 18 months and has
continued to destroy our sovereignty and job bases ever since. In the
first few years, over 4,000 factories closed down, small towns became
dying towns. To date MILLIONS of jobs have been lost with more all the
time because of the evil called out sourcing. America continues to lose
in the fair trade arena; instead we are steadily being crushed by the
evil of "free" trade. In 1995, American businesses were notified by the
IRS that that under NAFTA, they would have to make all of their federal
employment taxes by electronic transfer; view this document here. Why?
The same reason we the people are being taxed to death to pay for new
infrastructure inside Mexico: one world government. One worker base of
three countries merged into one region, all under the same homogenized

Despite the massive invasion of illegal aliens crossing over our
borders, neither Marxist Bill Clinton or globalist George Bush, made any
effort to stop it and millions of Americans - especially post 911 -
simply could not understand why Bush has steadfastly refused to do what
President Eisenhower did so effectively. Many of us who have been in the
trenches for decades knew and now millions more know: a North American
Union means just that. No borders, no sovereign nations, just one big
region for these diabolically evil men and women who lust for raw power
to rule over us and they don't care who they destroy on their path to
supreme imperialism.

Earlier this year, another sword was thrust right at the heart of our
American truckers and the safety of we the people: the Bush
Administration pushed through the Mexican truck invasion. While outraged
Americans and the truckers rallied and demanded this insanity not be
allowed to roll onto U.S. soil past the 25-mile neutral zone, it has
been pushed through anyway. Why? Because it's a provision of NAFTA.
Please see the links below for history.

Back in August, I wrote a comprehensive piece titled, Stop the NAU/SPP -
what does that really mean? It's all about money and power gained
through anti-American trade policies. It's about flooding this republic
with even more dangerous junk from sadistic, brutal communist countries
like China. It is the epitaph of an American Republic if not stopped. As
I wrote in previous columns about the Texas Trans Corridor and the NAU,
this planned destruction of America didn't just crop up in 2005; it
probably took at least ten years for the EIRs (Environmental Impact
Reports/Statements) alone. Now it's gone into warp speed because
millions of Americans have caught on and are on the war path.

Now I give you further proof of the perfidy of elected public servants.
Please click here to see this document. This document is S.B. 1120, a
bill passed in the Arizona State Legislature and signed by their
governor in April, 1993. This legislation somehow got categorized as an
emergency: "Sec.|5.||Emergency. This act is an emergency measure that is
necessary to preserve the public peace, health or safety and is
operative immediately as provided by law."

This "emergency" bill was to: A. The office of Sonora is established in
the office of the governor. Promote a greater understanding and
facilitate the implementation of the north American free trade agreement
and, 2. Facilitate the flow of information and act as a liaison in the
establishment of commercial relationships between Sonora, Mexico and
this state.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was not signed into law by
Marxist Bill Clinton until December 8, 1993, yet this agreement between
a state governor and a state in a foreign country was reached eight
months before Clinton sold US out. So sure were the forces who own
Washington, D.C., that they would get NAFTA passed - despite
overwhelming opposition by we the people - agreements were already being
entered into for trade far in advance of the vote by the U.S. Congress.
How they must have laughed at we the people as we fought so hard to stop


In November, 2007, Sen. Karen Johnson and Rep. Russell Pearce, true
constitutionalists who serve the people of Arizona with honor and the
hearts of warriors, raised the question of the legality of this because
the current Arizona governor, another flaky air head female, Janet
Napolitano, entered into new agreements with the State of Sonora,
Mexico. The documents below are short, but you need to read them because
this is the cementing of the North American Union - all in the name of
trade and big bucks for foreign countries and corporate giants in this
country who have sold US out - raw and without apology.

November 15 News Release: Napolitano, Bours to strengthen regional
opportunities. Binational Plenary to Bring Business, Education,
Community Leaders Together. Phoenix - Governor Janet Napolitano and her
Sonoran counterpart, Governor Eduardo Bours will unite members of the
Arizona-Mexico Commission (AMC) and the Comisión Sonora-Arizona (CSA) in
Ciudad Obregon, Sonora for a two-day binational meeting starting today."

November 16 News Release; Declaration of Cooperation: These four pages
lay it all out and it means death to this Union. Governors Lead Border
Region Economic Development, Growth - Public, Private Sectors from
Ariz., Sonora Aim to Bolster Region

The push for a National ID is one of the major tools needed by this
North American Union. It has nothing to do with terrorists, it has
everything to do with tracking and following your every move - along
with the integrated citizenry of Canada and Mexico with ours. The
Arizona-Sonora Commission is taking credit for the 3-in-1 ID:

Phoenix - "Governor Janet Napolitano and U.S. Homeland Security
Secretary Michael Chertoff today signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
to move forward on the creation of Arizona's 3-in-1 ID - a voluntary
identification that complies with Arizona's driver's license standards,
the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) and can be used in the
work eligibility process." Voluntary my arse. Read link number seven

Formerly American corporate giants and local entities are buying
membership into the Arizona-Sonora Commission and I hope you will
boycott their products and services starting today. Either we use our
consumer dollars to fight off this massive effort to reduce our middle
class to poverty and the poor into beggars or we have no one to blame
but ourselves. Well, not me because I have stood my ground since 1994
regarding NAFTA and buying foreign products.


One more document: This is a letter from Napolitano and Brother
Huckabee, who has fooled the Evangelical Christian Right with his folksy
God-talk, to Michael Chertoff, Commissar of Fatherland Security. It
reaffirms Brother Huck's commitment to implement the Nazi-style "Real
ID." And, why wouldn't he? His newly appointed advisor on foreign policy
is none other than Richard Haas, president of the treasonous Council on
Foreign Relations (CFR) who believes our national sovereignty should be
scraped in favor of world government. Make no mistake about it: Brother
Huckabee has been kissed and blessed by the traitors working to destroy
this republic. Not to mention the Huckster's coddling of illegals and
his rolling out the welcome mat for a Mexican Consulate in Little Rock
to help illegals stay in this country and steal jobs and classroom seats
from Americans.

I have found more of these commissions with the State of Texas. No doubt
California has also entered into them. The state legislatures all open
for business next week in their new sessions as does Congress.
NumbersUSA, ALIPAC and others have been phenomenally successful in
leading the way in the fight against this illegals invasion. I sincerely
believe we all need to put forth a massive push in January and keep the
pressure on until we stop the NAU/SPP and NAFTA Super Highway. This
massive illegals invasion and the NAU are integral to each other. I hope
the aforementioned organizations will vigorously begin a massive
campaign to join the rest of us to defeat this final push to destroy
America as a free and independent nation.

Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) introduced a very important bill that did not
get passed in Congress in the last session. We must demand the same bill
gets reintroduced and demand Congress stop this now - right along with
the states who haven't committed to rejecting the NAU. It's too late to
stop the Texas Trans Corridor, although we can boycott using it and I
will. But, we can and we must stop this treason. It will require an all
out assault on the state legislatures and Congress.

There is no more time. The final pieces of the puzzle have emerged and
these arrogant elitists think we are just going to sit back and allow
our republic to be dissolved. They're badly mistaken. Please see Dr.
Edwin Vieira's important legal analysis on this very issue (click here).
I know time is an issue because we're under attack from a thousand stabs
at us every day. However, this has to be our number one priority or
everything else is going to be moot. The links below are web sites to
help you get involved and become part of America's army of freedom
fighters who are dead serious about stopping the NAU/SPP, the National
ID (Sovietization of America), NAIS and the NAFTA Super Highway to Hell.

Yes, 911, bringing our troops home and so many more issues are vitally
critical, but if we lose our sovereignty and allow any further erosion
of our constitution and the Bill of Rights, we're going to be toast.
This illegals invasion has been beyond devastating to this country. Bush
and these other poltroons in Washington, D.C., have deliberately allowed
us to be over run at the border because of their agenda and now they're
dangerously close to firing the final shot. Stop buying foreign because
you're funding our destruction. This whole rotten scheme is all about
running American manufacturing and agriculture into oblivion and making
us a nation dependent upon foreign countries for our very survival.
Insanity! See link number 11 below for sources to more than 20,000
products and thousands of American companies who want your business.

Those who are wishing Happy New Year! as if 2008 is going to be just
another year of corruption, high gas prices and Democrats fighting
Republicans are in major denial. I know tonight is New Year's eve and
everyone wants to go celebrate whatever. However, if you're not going
out, I highly recommend you watch a movie. It's called ENDGAME:
Blueprint for Global Enslavement - free on the Internet. Oh, it's not as
"entertaining" as 'I am Legend' or some asinine "reality" show, but
unlike these silly Hollywood movies and TV, this is as real as it gets.
Hopefully, it will upset and anger Americans so that they finally see
that we have little time left. Particularly horrifying in ENDGAME is the
fully documented segment on eugenics. The Nazi's were deep into this
race based social experimentation designed to improve the white race
through eugenics or "creating a better world by improving the human gene
pool." What do you think Planned Parenthood is for?

Get involved this week. No snow skiing. Forget a trip to Hawaii to lay
around in the sun or play golf. We have to start our war against the
NAU/SPP and the NAFTA Superhighway now. We must all make the commitment
to refuse any National ID. Federal employees are sickened because their
job depends on accepting one. They are being forced to give up their
rights and privacy or kiss their job good bye. We must demand that
Congress pass a bill immediately to get the U.S. out of the NAFTA treaty
and stop that NAFTA Super Highway. This must be a top priority because
it is the foundation from which all the rest of this treachery is being
birthed. If we don't stop this, our children and grand children will
have no future except as a peasant class serving their world masters and
that is no exaggeration. Talk is cheap. What we need are warriors to get
the job done. We have the numbers. We have to stay focused.

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