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Wake Up America!

This has to be read by many Americans who still cannot see or understand the Mexican, Salvadorian, Guatemalan, Colombian, invasion.....If Americans do not stand strong and united we might as well say goodbye to our children and grandchildrens future, our sovereigty, and the American way!

Many Americans are still living in a fantasy that does not exist anymore, we are at war with Mexico and still many Americans refuse to see it, unless something horrendous will happen to them at the hands of an illegal alien, these people will not notice it.

Americans are too naive when it comes to third world mentalities I have no idea why, as an American of Hispanic ancestry I can see right through their lies and manipulations, I work with some of these illegals and they are ten times smarter (not in a good way) than white and black Americans. Please read below its a must and make copies, place them in every vehicle you could find in Malls and supermarkets, thank you.
Ms. Carmen

Border Report from the Front Line

by Matthew Starbuck

What is happening to our country? Mexican flags fly above United
States flags. The Salvation Army is being sued by our federal
government, the EEOC, because it requires employees to speak English,
the native language of this country. A California judge issued an order
stopping the Social Security Administration from complying with a new
DHS rule that requires "no match" letters be sent to businesses.
Sanctuary cities are popping up all over the country. There are over 20
million non-Americans living and working illegally in this country.
This figure does include the people that are out of status, having been
admitted as visitors to the U.S., and having never left. America's

resources are being milked dry by this population explosion.

The United States southwest is nearly lost. At this point, California,
Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and New Mexico are pretty much
territories of Mexico and Americans continue to stand by and do nothing.
Hopefully citizens in the rest of the United States will finally take
notice as the effects of illegal immigration hit their small towns.

Illegal immigration is a national emergency that is far graver to this
country than Katrina, the California wildfires, or the war in Iraq. If
our laws are not enforced now in an aggressive manner, this country as
we know it will cease to exist.

I know the situation first hand - I see it every day. I am a former
Border Patrol Agent and I am currently a Customs and Border Protection
Officer at a southwest border Port of Entry. I have considerably more
experience than the average American watching the immigration issue on
their local one-sided news broadcast.

Mexico is using a "Trojan horse" approach to take over this country
because illegal immigration is good for the Mexican government -
that's why the Mexican government promotes illegal entry into the
United States. Every day millions of dollars leave the U.S. economy
from illegal workers sending their wages back to their families in
Mexico. Millions more dollars leave the country daily from drug

The amnesty granted by Reagan in the late 1980's was a mistake.
Politicians today want to make a bigger mistake and give amnesty to ten
times as many criminals. Reagan's amnesty gave these criminals that
violated our laws forgiveness for their crimes. In return, all the U.S.
government required was that the "amnestied" legal permanent
residents ("LPR") obey our laws and learn to speak English. Yes -
you heard right - they agreed to speak English as a requirement of
amnesty. I see these "amnestied" LPR's almost twenty years later
at the border and they do not speak English. They do not even
understand simple phrases in English like "What is your name?" When
these "amnestied" LPR's are confronted about not meeting the
English language requirement, I receive responses in Spanish such as
"I have no interest learning your language," or "I don't have

As for the other requirement that these "amnestied" LPR's obey
our laws, that is not happening either. Immigration judges are much too
forgiving of the crimes committed by these "amnestied" LPR's. I
see LPR's with charges such as rape of a minor, felony firearms
violations, theft, robbery, habitual DUI, etc. The vast majority of
these crimes are granted relief by the judge. Being granted a "Legal
Permanent Resident" status should include a strict probationary period
with no second chances.

The attitude of the travelers from Mexico that I see is truly
disheartening. They have no respect for this country's law enforcement
officers. They are extremely rude. You can see the hatred in their
eyes. They feel we have no right to hold them up at the border and
question them. They feel that the United States is their country and we
have no right to keep them out.

I know Americans have the desire to save the world, but don't believe
the stereotype of the hard-working, law-abiding immigrant that the media
portrays. Illegal entry is just the beginning. Look at the crime rate
due to illegal immigrants. Look at the population of illegal immigrants
in prison for violent felonies. Look at the MS-13 gang violence in
cities like L.A. The sooner America opens its eyes, the better off we
will be. They aren't coming to the U.S. because they want to become
Americans. They are coming for the benefits. When this country is in
turmoil, out of resources, and falling apart, they will simply return to
their homelands.

The politicians and media want you to think the situation is
beyond repair and amnesty is the only way. This is not true - mass
amnesty is not a cure. Amnesty is a sign that America does not enforce
its laws and that America rewards criminals.

We are the strongest country in the world. However, we need to be
strong and use deterrence to fight this battle. We need to care less
about political correctness, and more about the future of this country.
We need to stop issuing visas and limit entry into the U.S. until
Mexico's government helps us with the illegal immigration problem
instead of fighting us on it. We need stronger immigration judges who
will rule based on the rule of law. We need to let law enforcement
enforce the laws.

My current supervisors do not let the Customs/Border Protection agents
enforce the law. Perhaps because most of them were born in Mexico and
some of them are previous immigration violators?

We need to hold employers accountable. We need to start enforcing the
law that provides up to a five year sentence and monetary fines for any employer that employs illegal workers. Has that law ever been
consistently enforced? No. However, when a Border Patrol Agent shoots
a career drug smuggler, whom the agents insist was armed, they were
convicted and placed in prison. Way to go Mr. Sutton!

In Mexico, it is normal for police officers to demand bribes.
The lie, cheat, and steal mentality is definitely a way of life in
Mexico. I don't know about you, but I don't want it becoming that
way in America.

Our politicians have no problem sending our young men and women
to die in foreign lands throughout the world. Why can't we defend our
way of life in our own country? We can't even require employees to
speak English in this country! We need to remind our politicians that
they work for the American people, not the Mexican people.

Opponents to my view will say that my views are racist against
Hispanics. That is because when Americans are accused of being racist -
they shut up. The opponents have no real facts to defend their point of
view. I am married to a Hispanic woman and her views are the same as
mine. I don't care what country anyone is from. However, when there
are millions of illegal aliens from a country that invades my country, I
have a big problem with it.

I have focused on the threat of the Mexican take-over, but
let's not forget how our government's lack of enforcement leaves
us vulnerable to terrorism. 9/11 taught us little. Visitors that were
issued valid visas after 9/11 are still being found to have strong ties
to terrorism.

The patriots that built this country would be disgusted with the way
Americans are just sitting back and doing nothing while our sovereignty

Steve Hampton

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