Monday, February 18, 2008

No One Listening, No One Cares ...

Nobody is Listening!

By Arlene Peck

What is it going to take to make you angry? Will another 9/11 get your attention?

Our country is being given over to “them” and “we” don’t care. Recently, I returned from Dallas where I attended at symposium called America’s Truth Forum. It was an event at which the founder, Jeff Epstein, worked twenty hours a day to create a weekend of the most amazing speakers to dialogue the threat that we are all facing from the world of Islamo-fascism. Truly, the dais and those in attendance read like a who’s who of national and international figures who tell it like it is when it comes to what we’re facing in this savage terrorists’ war with Islamists and their tenth century mentality.

It usually takes a lot to keep me quiet but with this crowd I was awed. Three days of listening wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media aren’t listening; or worse, not caring about this war against bloodthirsty degenerates.

One of the speakers and bestselling author, Dr. Harvey Kushner, adviser to the FBI and FAA spoke of radical Islam’s infiltration of America. Like roaches, they are everywhere and we are losing this war. Dr. Kushner detailed how “the United States continues to be infiltrated by terrorists meaning to pull triggers, plant bombs and blast holes in the NYC skyline.

Hell, I’ve been writing that in my columns for years! Doesn’t matter anyway. America is at the mall. We are so dummied down that what is left of our news is now given in ten second sound bites. Which is more than likely told to us by blond Barbie Dolls, who can lead you on a tour of Bloomingdales before they could find the Middle East on a map. Instead of news, we listen to those in the newsroom recapping their kid’s birthday party over the weekend while laughing. Walter! Where are you?

To give you an example, I traveled to this conference with my friend, Dr. Carole Lieberman, who is referred to as the ‘shrink to the stars.’ This brilliant woman is also the author of a book on terrorism called, Coping with Terrorism: Dreams Interrupted. Before our flight, she was taken to the studio at FOX to speak to you on, you guessed it, Britney Speers.” People Magazine was also called her for interviews on the same topic.

Meanwhile, Jeff told us that people will spend $1,000 to attend a Hannah Montana concert. Yet it’s pulling teeth to find those that will lay out $100 to listen to a group who might educate them on the Islamic plan to destroy us. Boy, was this weekend at the America Truth Forum an eye-opener!

And, folks, without question, that is the plan. We are so politically correct that according to another speaker, Mike Gallagher, talk show host and guest host of the Rush Limbaugh show, saw this up close and personal in his own city of San Diego, that a nearby school began teaching Shari’a law in a local public school. “The enemy has infiltrated our own communities.” “We may not be able to teach prayer in the schools but it sure seems Allah is in.” Personally, I truly believe that with Obama’s background of being educated in a Wahabe school in Jakarta until the age of twelve, that mindset is in his DNA now. But with our culture now so ingrained in politically correct thinking, our new President might very well be him. And, I keep thinking of the Manchurian Candidate. And, was the reason he didn’t want to go into Iraq in the first place was because they were Muslim brothers?

Bruce Tefft, of the CIA’s counter terrorism Task Force, related to us that “Terrorism is not an enemy. It is a mentality.” One that I have no hesitation in naming however is the Saudis. The incubation of the funding and the terrorism of the savages who carry out these attacks derive from Saudi Arabia. It is all funded by the Saudi Royal family, their businesses, charities, schools etc. Centers that are paid for by them have sprung up all over America to promote Shari’a and Wahabelaw.

Yet, according to George Bush these murderers who educate the savages are our very good friends. It still nauseates me when I remember the pictures of our American President hugging and praising these monsters that are responsible for so many American and Israeli deaths. Hell, there is no reliability of Saudi Arabia as a recipient of advanced arms. Yet, he recently signed a bill to send them $20 billion in ‘smart bombs.’ Tell me? Who do you think they are buying these bombs to be used against? Norway? While our President courts their favor this group is spewing constant Anti-Jewish, Christian and American warfare.

When do we say enough! Not one of the Muslim allies has proven to be a dependable ally. This savage culture needs a ‘put up or shut up’ moment. We are so pathetically politically correct in this country that the questions that should be asked are not allowed. I will believe that there is a segment called “moderate Muslims” when I hear one stand in front of our flag and say, “Allah bless America.” They have been our enemies since 460 C.E. and we’are too ignorant to realize it. It wasn’t until recently that we even began to become aware of this culture.

I remember when I chaired a Jewish discussion group at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary in 1976. There were never more than a few Jewish inmates who were in there. However, within a short time, many of the inmates who came into my ‘group’ were wearing knitted caps and carrying the Koran. They told me that they belonged to a brotherhood called Nation of Islam.

In those days, I was so naive that I believed them to be a nice, peaceful group. I felt that way because in those days I had never even heard about Muslims. None of us had. In 1965, there were 6,000 Muslims in our country. Then, there were no Muslim Student Associations, no members of the Nation of Islam.

Looking back, I believe that this was one of the training camps for ‘education’ into this culture. These men, in the penal system were learning about the Muslim culture. They, were ‘getting ready’ to spread the word’ when they were released. It was incubation. Today our prisons are doing the same thing, but their audience is growing by the thousands every month, paid for by our tax dollars! And, during this time the Saudis have invested (from our gas dollars) $90 billion dollars to bring down the government of America via this prison system.. Oh, and lets not forget our university system, in which they also have a big financial stake.

But, hey, it’s not only growing in our prisons. This phenomenon in our country is growing by 20% a year. Within a very short period of time, there are now more Muslims than Jews, Episcopalians, Lutherans and a host of other religions all together. By the year 2015, England, Belgium, France, Holland and most of Europe will be predominately Muslim. This group is the fastest growing population. The average non-Muslim American family has 1.7 members and the average Muslim has 6.2. They are tripling and we are decreasing. By 2015, they will have reached a critical mass, and the United States of America will be irrevocably Islamist! Think about that!

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