Monday, February 25, 2008

Think About It

A close friend of mine got this note from Usama Dakdok, in response to a question she asked him to clarify. Please pass it along, as people have been terribly deceived.

For those of you who do not know Usama, he is an Egyptian Christian, educated in Egypt, fluent in Arabic, and a graduate of the Southern Baptist Seminary in New Orleans.

For more information go to his website

Subject: Usama's note

A Truth To Know

I called The United Church of Christ in Chicago, Illinois, where Senator Obama is a member. I doubted that he was indeed a Christian for if he were Muslim and left the religion of Islam, according to Islamic law, he would be subject to a death warrant by Islam itself. Many such murders take place around this world to Muslims who have left Islam. However in this case the Muslims are joyously happy to think that we would have a Muslim President in the White House.

Obama is deceiving America. Muslims would not be endorsing a Muslim who left Islam to become a Christian. It is important to note that I had four witnesses to this conversation with Obama's church on the phone. The dates and time and the length of conversation can be verified by phone records.

The following is the conversation I had with the church regarding membership in the church. 'My name is Usama, and I am from Egypt. I want to join the church.' 'I need to ask you some questions please.' They connected me to the membership department. I proceeded to ask questions that only a Muslim would ask. 'What is the difference between Baptist and your church?' She answered, 'We believe exactly what Baptists believe.' My second question was, 'How big is your church and what kind of church is it?' Her answer was, 'We are a Black African American church and we have 6000 members. I asked her, 'Do I have to attend Sunday school classes and other meetings to be a member?' She said, 'No, that is not necessary.' I asked, 'Do I have to be baptized to join the church?' Her answer was 'NO.' I asked, 'Do I have to give money to join the church?' She answered 'NO.' I went on to ask her how do I join the church?...she replied, ' You need to attend two Sunday school membership classes in a row and then you need to walk the aisle.' I said, 'That sounds easy.' 'Now one last question please.' 'IF I AM A MUSLIM AND I BELIEVE IN PROPHET MOHAMMED, PEACE BE UPON HIM, AND I ALSO BELIEVE IN JESUS, PEACE BE UPON HIM, DO I HAVE TO GIVE UP MY ISLAMIC FAITH TO BE A MEMBER IN YOUR CHURCH?' SHE REPLIED, 'NO, WE HAVE MANY MEMBERS IN OUR CHURCH WHO ARE MUSLIM.'I ASKED HER, 'IS THAT HOW SENATOR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA BECAME A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH?' THERE WAS A DEAD SILENT MOMENT. AND THEN I SAID THAT I KNEW HIS FATHER AND STEPFATHER ARE MUSLIM: HIS GRANDFATHERS AND GRANDMOTHERS ARE MUSLIMS: HIS UNCLES AND AUNTS, NEPHEWS AND NIECES AND COUSINS ARE MUSLIM. EVERYONE IN HIS FAMILY IN KENYA ARE MUSLIMS. She replied to me, 'I am sorry I cannot answer this question for you.' I could sense she was uncomfortable to go on further with me. I ended the conversation by saying to her, 'YOUR CHURCH HAS DONE GREAT HARM TO THIS COUNTRY BY COVERING A WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING, AND THAT WOLF IS SENATOR BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.'

End of phone call...........

I ASK YOU FOR YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION OF THIS FRAUD TO THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA... Please let as many people as you can know about this information For all who mourn, he will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, and praise instead of despair. Isaiah 61:3

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