Friday, October 10, 2008

Who Are These Bastards, and What Have They Done!

I used to say, "The terrorists will never bring us down, but greed surely will." I never thought it could really happen, but here we are with the DOW devalued by more than 40%, and headed for 50% below it's peak.

I don't have any stocks, bonds, or T-bills but I do have credit, and up until recently my score was significantly north of 700. Thoughts now creep into my head that I need to hunker down, and go into survival mode. But, what if I go to Costco to purchase several thousand dollars worth of food and camping gear and my card is declined because the bank has decided to stop lending?

And, what if I want to trade my luxury car for something more sensible for the times only to learn the bank has called the nearly paid off loan on it and I cannot trade or even keep the car.

Guess what. That has already happened to some, if not many. We are all tied together by this giant web of greed driven bundled mortgage trades. Now their house of cards has collapsed and it is falling on your head and mine. The greedy, lying, bastards who caused all this have escaped with their mult-million dollar bonuses for a job well done, and we are left to pay with our very lives.

What are we to do? All the brokers are begging clients not to sell and further diminish the value of Wall Street and their own personal wealth. But the panic has set in viciously. While our tax dollars are bailing out the greed-heads we are all in need of a bail out as well.

That's not going to happen. While Congress, the Senate, and the Candidates are arguing over the best way to fix the problem, they are thwarting any possible hope of a fix by injecting politics as usual into their rhetoric. President Bush gave a speech this morning, but no one is listening. Bush is impotent and maybe that is a blessing because he is, without doubt, the worst President ever. And to be fair, the preceding several bodies-politic have all been severely lacking in fair play, or even consideration, for the working class which supports them all.

So, what are you going to do? I am going to convert my remaining credit to gold, pack up, move to a warmer climate, and sponge off welfare for the first time in my 68 years on earth. If there is no welfare from which to suckle, I will live in my car next to a grove of fruit trees and bathe in a nearby irrigation ditch.

Please respond. Tell me how you are dealing with this or plan to deal with it. I would love to publish your ideas.

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