Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Wolf In President's Clothing


The phrase "President Obama" is an oxymoron. The title President means leader. And while Obama may be occupying the position of America's leader, he acts nothing of the sort. Rather he spends his time behaving like a high school girl competing for the prom queen's crown, complete with the pandering, the come-ons and seduction worthy of a bad teen chick-flick. His treatment of our military is no exception. One minute he condemns our soldiers as murderous thugs to be socially denigrated and legally prosecuted for doing their job, the next (when it is politically convenient), he offers limp and implausible atta-boys while falsely claiming himself credit for the actions of heroes.

Not so long ago, the Obama administration was working overtime to court-martial Navy SEALS for taking down bad guys. And even more recently, Obama refused to allow the military to be paid in the event of a government shutdown. But as soon as the SEALS accomplished something politically beneficial to him, Obama didn't hesitate to not only "spike the football" but to totally claim the victory for himself. In a speech littered with "I, I, I, I, I, me, my, and me."

Obama managed to squeeze in one "thank you" to the Navy and claim the SEALS as his lifelong best buddies. It is simply breathtaking how fast Obama can switch sides. It is even more amazing how he can spew his ever-changing teleprompter rhetoric with a straight face. These young men, who live and die for our country every day, deserve to have their President back them at all times - not simply when their actions might win political capital. Then to top it all, his irresponsible administration has been leaking classified details about the Osama operation everywhere to the media to make themselves important, jeopardizing the security and safety of our military commando teams! This Obama White House's actions are nothing less than shameful.

Obama did not get Osama. Obama and his crew should stop claiming credit for any military action. This White House occupant has never had the honor of wearing a uniform from any branch of our military services, and for years found the burden of saying the pledge of allegiance, putting his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, or even wearing a lapel Stars and Stripes pin too much for him, never mind military service. There is no possible way to he had a thing to do with the selection of personnel, the specific training for the mission at hand, provision of the intel needed, coordination with the other services, or mustering up of any leadership whatever to any of the people who worked like Trojans to take down the world's most wanted terrorist. And word on Capitol Hill is that the entire decision and command to move against Bin Laden was made by Leon Panetta.... against the expressed will of the President. Sources say our "Commander in Chief" had NIXED the operation and that's why he was GOLFING when in frustration Panetta, Gates, Clinton and a handful of others gave the green light and waited for the operation to reach the point of no return before calling BHO back into the White House... too late to pull the plug. (Note the golf duds in a room full of suits).

The valorous warriors and intelligence community who successfully ended Bin Laden's terrorism career don't seek fortune or fame. They do it for us and our wonderful country. Our fine men and women have been keeping the wolf at bay for over 200 years, and now we end up with a wolf inside our perimeter named Obama. This President has repeatedly betrayed the trust of our servicemen and our country. Candidate Obama, and Senator Obama's hard-left repudiation of America's military culture and our nation's martial virtue is well-documented. The only reason Obama is patting our men and women on the back now, is in the desperate and deceitful hope of receiving our votes. We cannot allow this man's campaign to succeed. Neither our armed forces nor our nation can survive another four years of treachery at the hands of Barack Hussein Obama. We must take a stand.

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