Saturday, August 27, 2011

Should He Be Impeached?

Whitehouse Watch

When Barack Hussein Obama Proclaimed That He Would Not Enforce Our Nation's Immigration Laws, The Media Called It "Backdoor Amnesty." But It's Not Just Backdoor Amnesty, And It's Not Just A Simple Dereliction Of Duty: His Refusal To Enforce The Law Is An Impeachable Usurpation Of Congressional Power And Authority.

It's beyond belief. How many impeachable offenses must this self-styled American dictator commit? Of course, Obama's dictatorial refusal to enforce our nation's laws is not just limited to our immigration laws.

In violation of his Constitutional duty to act as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, he also refused to prosecute armed Black Panthers who were caught on video intimidating voters at the polls; and he is still refusing to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act.

Here's another. In violation of the Constitution and the War Powers Resolution, Obama flat out told Congress that he DID NOT NEED Congressional approval to wage war in Libya. Can you imagine what would have happened if George W. Bush went into Iraq and told Congress he didn't need their authority to do so? He would have been impeached within a week.

And there may be potential felonies as well? When it comes to Obama's ATF actively selling illegal firearms to criminal organizations south of the border, the Sestak bribery allegations and former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's felonious "selling" of Obama's former Senate seat, the American people are still asking: 'What did Barack Obama know, and when did he know it.'

Of course there's more. It should really go without saying; Barack Obama is the poster child of impeachable offenses and it's high time that our leaders in Congress get that message.

And yes, we're going to keep pushing this issue. We're not going to go away. We're going to continue burying our elected officials in avalanches of faxes until the piles of demands from the American people reach their waists if necessary... if that's what it takes, so be it.

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