Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you agree, feel free to pass this on.

I’m outraged...that the Keystone Pipeline’s again held hostage by fanatic environmentalists when thousands are out of work. That we have a friend in Canada who’s willing and able to send their oil to our refineries, giving us quite a bit of help with energy sources that will keep our costs down, and help with buying petroleum from countries that hate us or want us dead.

I’m outraged...that our so-called President is stupid enough to beg for our drone back, and Iran is making him a pretty pink plastic drone toy to replace it. I’m outraged that these Iranian prehistoric-mindset humans are treated with kid gloves as they power up nukes to destroy Israel, then the USA. Face it folks, they’ve been saying they want everyone in Israel and the USA dead—believe them. Or not—at your own peril. Yet we do nothing.

I’m outraged...that environmentalists won a victory to relocate...not kill...relocate thousands of rats to Virginia (Virginians should be outraged at that). Considering a pair of rats can produce slightly less than 1 million offspring during their lifetimes, this is absurdity at it’s best. Being an animal lover, I have to draw the line at this idiocy.

I’m the over-the-top-bend-over-backwards bullcorn from the administration to punish Marines who peed on a dead killer. Sorry, but per Colonel Alan West—“If you haven’t been shot at, shut the hell up”—I agree. I hope the Marines have the good sense to give those men a good talking to and leave it at that. Sorry, but screw the taliban—they are murderers.

I’m outraged...every time I see a product I would like to buy, and note it’s from China. The Chinese are quite tender toward pandas, but if you think they’re tender about much of anything else, you’re wrong.

I’m Americans that don’t stand up and shout because we now fear our government.

There’s a lot more to be outraged about. Feel free to add to the list before passing it along.

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