Thursday, February 23, 2012

Obama's Top-Down Shutdown


Halting more than 300,000 pending deportations was not enough. Recalling the National Guard from the U.S.-Mexico border was not enough. Suing every state that attempts to crackdown on illegal immigration using existing federal immigration law was not enough for the Obama administration. And now, all of the pieces are coming together.

Barack Hussein Obama has left the southern border wide open until the technology he favors catches up an estimated two years from now and he has paralyzed the enforcement of federal immigration law at every level. And the mainstream media is too busy with the GOP primaries to warrant his undermining of immigration law the tiniest sound-bite, leaving millions of Americans unaware and uninformed of exactly what Obama has in store for America: Amnesty.

Recently we learned of the newest victim of Barack Hussein Obama’s attack on immigration law enforcement. Under his command, the Department of Homeland Security is starting to shut down a program that deputized local police officers around the country to act as immigration agents for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The program being targeted by the pro-amnesty administration is known as 287(g). Simply put, it allows officers to check the immigration status of suspects and place immigration holds on them in the absence of an established fingerprint record (or participation in the Secure Communities program). Agencies like the Colorado Department of Public Safety have used their 287(g) officers to crackdown on drug and human smuggling, gang activity and identity theft. But the program was too successful for Obama’s liking.

So, under the guise of making budget cuts and preventing “racial profiling,” Department of Homeland Security officials say they will not sign new contracts for the officers working in the field and will terminate the “least productive” of those agreements in order to save an estimated $17 million. Defenders of the program argue that once again the Obama administration is putting politics above public safety. According to Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, many sheriffs and police chiefs prefer the program to Secure Communities, likely because it does not require an established database to be effective.

If Obama has his way, all contracts between ICE and local police agencies could be terminated in November when the last contract for field officers expires. Of course, the demise of 287(g) has been underway for the past three years. The program reached its peak under George W. Bush, when 60 local agencies signed contracts with ICE, compared to only eight agencies signing up since Obama took office. The last agency to sign up did so in August 2010.

The Obama administration continuously touts the ‘official’ decline in the illegal immigration population as the product of Barack Obama’s doing, but they couldn’t be more mistaken. The decline in the illegal immigrant population stopped when Obama was inaugurated. From January 2007 to January 2009, the illegal immigration population is officially estimated to have dropped from 11.8 million down to 10.8 million.

In 2009 and 2010, there was no further decline. As a matter of fact, the government estimate for January 2011 is expected to show an increase in the illegal immigrant population to 10.9 million. Despite the numbers, Obama refuses to recognize that stepped-up immigration enforcement at the end of the Bush administration and a weaker economy helped start the decline which has since been reversed by the current administration’s undermining of existing federal (and state-level) immigration laws.

Obama is using the media’s focus on the Republican primaries to shore up the Latino vote – and he’ll do anything to get it. After all, members of every other voting bloc previously held by Obama are jumping ship as they see where four more years of class warfare and socialist policies will take this country underwater in a hurry with no chance of rescue.

Between Obama’s failure to physically secure the U.S.-Mexico border (no fence, withdrawing National Guard troops), his failure to enforce federal immigration laws (300,000 deportations halted, backdoor amnesty for countless individuals that meet a criteria on Obama’s laundry list for non-deportation), and his administrations relentless legal attacks on state trying to uphold immigration law, our country does not stand a chance against illegal immigration… unless you and I act today to keep the pressure on our elected representatives on Capitol Hill and to keep America informed.

Obama ran on the idea of uniting America and on the ideas of “hope” and “change.” But little did Americans realize that after three years, our country would be ripping apart at the seams with arguably the most divisive president in American history. For three years, Obama has been doling out “hope” to illegal immigrants and “change” in the form of abolishing immigration law enforcement from the top-down while we U.S. Citizens lose our jobs, our homes, and our country.

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