Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Illegal Immigration News

Today's Illegal Immigration News
Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In his most recently published opinion piece, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) blasts Barack Obama, members of his administration, and liberals everywhere for inaccurately describing the DREAM Act.

For instance, DREAM Act supporters claim that only children would benefit from the bill even though most DREAM Act proposals would extend amnesty to individuals up to 30-years-old, and some proposals don’t even set an age limit! Likewise, supporters of this backdoor amnesty piece of legislation maintain that illegal immigrants can’t go to college without the DREAM Act despite the very real fact that in most states not only are illegal immigrants taking seats in classrooms that would otherwise be filled by equally qualified U.S. citizens, they are doing so on YOUR dime through public-funding, scholarship and in-state tuition rates.

Rep. Smith also points out that the DREAM Act is a magnet for fraud since many illegal immigrants will falsely claim they came here as children or that they are under 30, and the feds have no way to check. After all, two-thirds of all applications for the 1986 agricultural worker amnesty were NOT agricultural workers.

And that’s not to mention it did NOTHING to stop illegal immigration from increasing from 3 million then to roughly 12 million illegal immigrants estimated to be in the United States today.


More than 2,500 hard-working individuals’ jobs at Hyundai’s manufacturing facility in Alabama are now under attack by the pro-amnesty radicals working in cahoots with Obama union thugs. Illegal immigrant advocacy groups and organizations, including the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), attended a recent Hyundai shareholders’ meeting in Seoul to argue their case for why the company should oppose the Alabama’s tough new law against illegal immigration.

According to Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights president and CEO Wade Henderson, Hyundai accounts for two percent of Alabama’s GDP though Henderson and his accomplices denied the protests over Alabama’s HB 56 had anything to do with Alabama being a right-to-work state. Dae Joong Yoon of the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium called the legislation a “hatred law taking away the fundamental rights of immigrants and forcing our children to cry and live in fear and promoting racial profiling.”

Robert Burns, senior manager of public relations and sales for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama, went on the record saying there is no change in their production schedule at this point in time.

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