Friday, May 04, 2012

Illegal Immigration News

Today's Illegal Immigration News

Friday, May 4, 2012


The Atlanta City Council voted on April 16 to repeal a 2004 city ordinance allowing the
use of Mexico’s Matricula Consular cards to be used for official government transactions.
The vote came after a complaint was filed with the Georgia Immigration Enforcement and 
Review Board, claiming that recognizing the ID, which is often used by illegal immigrants, 
violates the state’s anti-illegal immigration legislations (HB 87).

Earlier this spring, North Carolina passed HB 33 tried to pass bill banning matricula
consular cards from being accepted by any state agency, including by police and schools,
because they are not verifiable and easily fake.  Rep. George Cleveland (R-Onslow) argued
against the card: “The Matricula Consular is in reality not worth the paper or plastic it’s
made out of,” and that the cards were produced by the Mexican government as “a way
to legitimatize their nationals living north of the border.” The bill is now stalled in the
state Senate.

Many patriots across the country worry the cards will lead to illegal immigrants voting in
elections because – at least in North Carolina and some other states where it is recognized –
they allow illegal immigrants to obtain official U.S. identification such as driver’s licenses.
It’s also worth noting that our President and Congress ORDERED American banks to accept
these Mexican-issued cards in even though Mexican banks DO NOT and that our banks’
acceptance of the consular IDs contributed to a large but often overlooked part of the
mortgage meltdown.


Although the DREAM Act repeatedly fails to become law through the legislative process
established by our Founding Fathers, Obama the Great refuses to accept defeat and recently
let opponents to the legislation know that he has “the pens all ready.” We’re guessing Obama
needs to make his backdoor amnesty version of DREAM Act official on the books to hedge
his weak re-election platform of accomplishments, or lack thereof.  For the record, Obama
says he is “willing to work with anybody who is serious to get this done, and to achieve
bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform that solves this challenge once and for all.
” Mr. Obama also said he’s fighting for the DREAM Act because “ultimately America depends
on it.”

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