Monday, June 25, 2012

Illegal Immigration News

Today's Illegal Immigration News
Monday, June 25, 2012


California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s AB1081 is gaining momentum after Barack Obama announced backdoor amnesty for an estimated two million illegal immigrants under the age of 30. If passed, AB1081 will stop California law enforcement from participating in the mandatory federal Secure Communities program by prohibiting officers from holding illegal immigrants who are not yet convicted of a serious felony in jail.

The MANDATORY federal data-sharing program requires all law enforcement officers to submit fingerprints of arrestees to federal officials for an immigration status check. If an arrested individual is discovered to be in the country illegally, Immigration and Customs Enforcement can place a detainer on the individual to be held a local jail until ICE can take custody.

Roughly 50,000 individuals convicted of major violent offenses (such as murder and rape) have been deported through the program from across the country.


In his recent op-ed, syndicated journalist Charles Krauthammer nailed the Obama Administration for its blatant violation of our laws, calling Obama’s recent backdoor amnesty memo “naked lawlessness.” He also calls out Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano’s for sugarcoating the phrase “prosecutorial discretion.”

Krauthammer offers this worthwhile comparison on the “fundamental rewriting of the law”:

“Imagine: A Republican president submits to Congress a bill abolishing the capital gains tax. Congress rejects it. The president then orders the IRS to stop collecting capital gains taxes, and declares that anyone refusing to pay them will suffer no fine, no penalty, no sanction whatsoever. (Analogy first suggested by law professor John Yoo.)

It would be a scandal, a constitutional crisis, a cause for impeachment. Why? Because unlike, for example, war powers, this is not an area of perpetual executive-legislative territorial contention. Capital gains is straightforward tax law. Just as Obama’s bombshell amnesty-by-fiat is a subversion of straightforward immigration law.”

Earlier this year Barack Obama admitted that the tactic of unilaterally granting amnesty is unlawful… but then his poll numbers continued to decline and he did it anyways.

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