Monday, August 20, 2012

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Gluten Free Nail Treatment that WORKS – Rx4Nails
by THE GAL on AUGUST 14, 2012

Ugh, there it went again! Your nail just split on the side, forcing you to trim it so far back that the sensitive nail bed is trying to peek out from under the shortened nail. In frustration, you begin searching for something to strengthen them, perhaps one of those nail treatments on the end of the Walmart’s cosmetic/self-care aisles. But as you begin searching labels, you start to see a similar pattern… Wheat germ oil, vitamin e (wheat derived), wheat extract, etc. They all have gluten in them! Well then, what can you do for your poor nails?

This is a dilemma I’ve been facing for some time and had no idea where to turn. But one of my super smart and savvy readers found this place. Rx4Nails is an organic, all natural, gluten free nail and cuticle oil for “Longer, Stronger, Healthier Nails. Guaranteed!”

I was pretty excited at the prospect of this oil. It sounded- well, perfect! Chris, the owner and creator of Rx4Nails, came up with Rx4Nails while helping with a specialty food product. While being elbow-deep in work, she realized her nails had suddenly had a serious growing spurt. Curious and instantly aware how valuable this could be, she started messing around and finally discovered which ingredients were causing her nails to grow so fast. And so Rx4Nails was born.

Users have seen AMAZING results with this product!

Increased strength
Accelerated growth
Ridging evening out and disappearing
Decreased splitting, chipping and bending
So, pretty much everything one could want, right?

A month or so back, Chris sent me a sample of Rx4Nails to try for myself. I took my time in trying it out, letting my nails grow out with the product nourishing them.

First thing I noticed is that at first, my nails did not grow faster. But this is all natural stuff, it works with your body. So no two people will have the exact same response. So I wasn’t at all worried, though mildly disappointed. But only very mildly, because although faster growing nails sounded fabulous, what I really needed was stronger nails.

So I diligently continued to apply Rx4Nails and noticed that I could see the new nail at the base because it was whiter than the rest. Now, because my nails have been chipping so badly, I have not been wearing nail polish. I haven’t stained them in any way, but somehow the nourishment of Rx4Nails began to brighten them.

Mightily pleased, I continued cheerily down the testing lane.

As my nails got longer (at the normal summer rate for me), I actually saw the moment I trimmed the last of my pre-Rx4Nails away. Because after that? I almost had to use toenail clippers to trim my thumbnails. No joke, folks! They were THAT thick!

There was only one problem… Although I KNEW they were stronger, for some reason my nails continued to peel, and then after peeling to tear. And somewhere in between my trying to figure out what was wrong and my frustration, Rx4Nails ended up being moved somewhere I never remembered to get it from. So… For a few weeks, I went Rx4Nail-less and still dealt with peeling and chipping nails.

Then finally, I googled possible causes for peeling nails (I know, duh, right?). And one article pointed out something so simple and so obvious, I was nearly gaping. Seriously, how did I now know this? If nails are soaked in water for too long, they will peel. And ‘ya know what? My dish washing gloves had acquired a hole a few weeks back and the replacement kept being forgotten while at the store.

Immediately, I lept out the door and snagged myself some dishwashing gloves and from that point forward, diligently used them every time I washed a massive pile of dishes. And ‘ya know what? The peeling and the tearing slowed. Though I had sadly lost the power Rx4Nails gave me.

Now, I always wear my gloves like Supergirl and have got back onto Rx4Nails, having rescued it from the deep dark recesses of the medicine cabinet (NO idea how it got there!). As a happy ending to this story, with my new nail care routine of protection and nourishment, my nails are exploding in length, thickness and smoothness. I suppose the constant brutality of dish washing was holding them back from growing quickly? But whatever the reason, Rx4Nails is now doing everything it claims for me and I couldn’t be happier.

So if you’re looking for something to strengthen your nails, smooth them out, lengthen them, or just to encourage overall health, check out Rx4Nails!

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