Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Open Letter To President Clinton

Dear President Clinton,

Back when I was a Democrat I voted for you twice, and I have not regretted that. You proved to be the best President for our country in many, many, years. I am as proud of your Presidency as you surely are.

But recently we have elected a President who is ... not so much. Many serious questions swirl around him which tend to be dismissed and ignored by those who could clear things up. As you know there is serious evidence that both his birth certificate and Social Security number are fakes. More than one expert has shown unexplainable anomalies in both documents.

Further, his background is not that of an ideal Presidential candidate. His past associations are more like an anarchist than a man of ethics and moral fortitude. His race and glib tongue are what elected him and we all know it. It is my belief that no one in official capacity will come forward with the truth because they fear the man and fear losing their comfortable position.

But, in you I see a man of integrity who has the ways and means of showing America the proper direction we should travel. I see a charismatic, influential man who could, with a few words, reveal who is behind the mask of our current leader. I see a man who would be hailed as a hero for saving us from the 'Hope and Change' which is taking us further from Democracy and deeper into Socialism or worse.

Many of us 'middle of the road' types have been wondering why that man has been able to get where he is and stay there in spite of all evidence he is a fraud. We are dedicated to voting him out and will probably do so, but he will still be free to carry on his ruinous activities. And four more years of him will destroy us.

This mere plea set forth in an unknown blog will do no good. I know it, but dammit I have to do something. You can set things right ... please stand up speak out before it is too late.

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