Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Road To Ruin

Preaching To The Choir

In principle, the ideal country would provide all needed goods and services to it's people. This is the goal, or at least the promise, of the Democratic Party.

And how does the Democratic Party plan to finance all these benefits? Well, by heavily taxing anyone who actually earns a lot of money and putting it in a slush fund for hand outs.

Do you see a problem here? I see a bunch of problems.

The Republican Party thinks that each of us, rich or poor, should pay a little into taxes to keep up our infrastructure, roads, bridges, and so on plus provide essential services such as fire, police, emergency health care, etc. That way there would be more job opportunities created rather than less, and the treasury would stand a better chance of not being drained.

Oddly, the Democratic Party doesn't see this inevitable outcome and continues to press for higher taxes, higher spending limits, more debt, and less opportunity. They have always insisted this is how life should be and they always will.

Does this remind you of any place you know of? How about Cuba ... the Cuba where strangers are forbidden to visit and citizens are forbidden to exit, at least without leaving behind healthy collateral. Cuba is a Communist country led by a dictator (and his brother). In Cuba, if you own a car it is most likely a 1954 Chevy held together with duct tape and bailing wire. This is the country Senor Obama would dearly love to create.

Vote, Dammit!!

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