Sunday, October 14, 2012

Unasked Questions:

How many of the invaders were killed as they were storming into our consulate? Any?

Two Ex-Navy Seals and ex-Air Force Spec-Ops guys died with our Ambassador.

We are now told they were NOT part of the Ambassador’s security team inside that consulate.

What about the U.S. Marines assigned to protect the consulate and the Ambassador?

Where were they?

Two of the world's most elite trained bad asses were there! Those Seals were killed and they didn't take anyone with them? Two ex-Seals didn't kill anyone?

NONE of the invaders died?

What is WRONG with this picture?

Were those Seals and Marines not armed?

If so, who gave that disarm order?

Who told them NOT to have defensive weapons at the ready?

Who ordered them NOT to fire on the invaders?

United States has second and sometimes third-lines of defense inside an embassy or consulate.

Bodies of those invaders should have been stacked up like cord wood.

Was our current government the reason why our people were murdered?
Were there no weapons available to our people?

I do not understand how this administration decides to kiss the ass OF OUR ENEMIES. SOME of you have actually served in our military and I have yet to hear ANY of you ask why Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama allowed our Embassy personnel to be killed!

And you, Obama supporters, want this son-of-bitch to be re-elected?

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