Monday, November 19, 2012

Arpaio Wants Meeting With Obama

Have you heard about the new application on the White House website yet? It's a petition-generating app called "We the People – Your Voice in Our Government." Apparently, if you get 25,000 signatures in 30 days, the issue will be addressed by the White House.

I can see the unpaid GW intern typing up the letter now.

Chances are, you've heard about all the secession petitions popping up and gathering signatures by the day. But have you heard that immigration crusaders like us now have a petition of our very own? It showed up this week right after AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio told the media that he wants to have a "man to man" meeting with BO to discuss immigration.

Sheriff Joe recounted how he sorted out border security issues with the Mexican President over blueberry pie and whiskey. He then encouraged BO to invite him to the White House for beer and cigars. You know... a beer summit.

It's a great idea, but seeing that Sheriff Joe would have to endure an evening in the company of an un-American disgrace only to be completely ignored, we thought we'd ditch the cozy, personal meeting and include the participants that matter most: The American people.

That's right! Instead of a private White House rendezvous, we have proposed a LIVE televised debate on immigration reform between the champions of both sides of this issue: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who's for secure borders and the rule of law versus Barack Hussein Obama, who's for amnesty and unmanned kiosks.

I know...

Your first reaction is "Yeah right. This will NEVER happen!" And you know what... YOU'RE RIGHT! Because it wouldn't matter if we gathered 100 MILLION signatures, BO would never have the stones to get in the ring with a REAL American like Sheriff Joe; there would be too much common sense flying around.

But this gets to the heart of another important issue that should inspire you to take action and SIGN THIS PETITION: Barack Obama is a FRAUD and this "We the People – Your Voice in Our Government" web application is a JOKE! It's nothing more than another layer to BO's massive façade.

Do any of you believe that BO cares about your voice? Do any of you believe that BO gets nostalgic when he thinks about the Constitution and the words "We the People" at the top?

Of course not.

But it sure does help convince the casual political observer that he cares, doesn't it?

It's just another splash of ether on the rag that BO and the liberal media have clamped down over the face of an American public who is drifting further away from the truth by the day.

And the more signatures we get on petitions like this—the ones that demand action we know he'll never take—the harder it is for BO to carry on this charade.

Donald Trump set a great example when he offered $5 MILLION to BO's charity of choice in exchange for the release of his college records. This was a brilliant move by the Donald that was quickly concealed by the liberal media with silence.

Who among you would've ever turned down such an offer? Bad grades... Perhaps a drunken incident... nothing that would keep us from handing $5 MILLION to needy children.


Those are exactly the questions BO and the liberal media NEVER wanted you to ask yourself. That is why they squelched the move with a media blackout. It was a big crack they didn't want you to see.

That's why we must do the exact opposite and continue to shine more light; that is the battle. We must continue to expose the existing cracks and work hard to make new ones.

If you're on board, then SIGN THIS PETITION NOW and then share this with everyone you know.

If this effort is to succeed, we will need to get conservative media attention on it very soon. The best way to do that is to achieve the first milestone of obtaining 25,000 signatures. Then we're just a Drudge post away from real momentum.

Then, if you can afford it, we need your support. Rallying 25,000 people to sign a petition is no easy feat and it certainly isn't cheap. We're estimating that we'll spend at least $2 to obtain each signature – and that's just buying email lists and targeted social media advertising.

Listen, I know the country is in bad shape and your hope meter may be tapped. But lying down and giving up is un-American. And I don't know about you, but if we're going down in flames, I'm going down fighting.

For America,

Joshua Hutchison

P.S. To sign the petition, the White House prompts you to create an account so that it can verify that you are a real person. All they require is a name and email address to do this. They will then send you an email to confirm you exist, which will then allow you to sign. IF YOU ARE SCARED OF BO HAVING YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, then go create another one at Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Or you can just NOT CARE like the rest of us. 

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