Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Liberal

We realize your intentions are noble, that you only want the best for all mankind. Everyone needs a roof over their head, a job, a cupboard with ample food and access to health care.

All this and more has been promised but not yet delivered. The person who promised says he needs more time to fulfill your dreams of a level playing field.

Meanwhile, what has he accomplished?

Well, as for jobs he has created none even tho he brags of creating 5.5 million. Those are jobs he created in government and the unemployment rate remains virtually unchanged. The birth rate is higher than the jobs creation rate.

And the national debt? Yes, we have even more of that than ever before in history. But there should be less, right? He says it's George Bush's fault so that makes it ok. There will be another trillion dollars added in 2013. No problem, right?

And the health care situation will not be better, it will be worse. Why will it be worse? Because businesses are FORCED to carry it or be fined. Aside from being socialism (like they have in Cuba) it will force small business to choose between health care and jobs, and it's simpler to cut jobs than suddenly create revenue to pay for health care. Our economy, as you may have noticed, sucks.

Have you seen the number of doctors opting out of the Obama-care program? It's because Obama-care won't pay them a living wage. Looks like we will have plenty of potential patients but no doctors to care for them. In their place we may see medical techs, and physician's assistants trying to cope with it.

By now you may have noticed you have been duped.

Obama's actual goal is to create a socialist state through taxation and entitlements. And that might be ok with you but in a socialist state there is no middle class. The mechanics of that are that the taxing of upper class to pay for lower class entitlements leads to the loss of middle class jobs which the upper class has to eliminate to pay the taxes for the lower class. As time goes by there are fewer and fewer upper class (and no middle class) to pay for lower class entitlements. But a few will hang on through graft and corruption. They will be robbing the lower class to stay solvent. (Cuba is a good example of this)

Yes, the upper class, in order to survive, will be oppressing the lower class which is powerless to do anything about it because the socialist state needs more tax dollars regardless of how it gets them.

So there ya go, have a nice day, enjoy your freebies and write to your president thanking him for all he has done and is about to do for the downtrodden.

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