Sunday, November 11, 2012

Obama's Brilliant Socialist Plan

Obama's 'Brilliant' Socialist Plan

Raise taxes on business owners, force them to buy into a health care plan that alienates doctors.

Business owners are strapped for cash and lay off workers to survive.

Laid off workers have to apply for welfare.

Welfare funds run low, taxes raised even more.

See the problem here?

Many laid off workers are 'middle class' who now become 'lower class'.

Now there is no middle class, only lower (who pay no taxes but consume them) and a small upper class.

Soon, the upper class dwindles to almost nothing and we are left with "The Cuban Model"

Obama's promise to raise up the middle class is a complete failure (or lie, whatever) There will be no middle class.

And that is only the beginning. Investors will bail out, banks will fail, large corporations will go into receivership, food and fuel prices will skyrocket, millions of homes will be foreclosed, the dollar will be all but worthless. 

Why would anyone think this is a good idea! Are you going to just sit there and take it? This is not some fantasy, it is happening now.

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