Monday, December 24, 2012

Biden's Task Force A Joke

Biden’s Gun Control Task Force is a Joke

December 20, 2012
By Todd Cefaratti
Editor of TPNN

President Obama announced yesterday that he intends to “do something” about gun violence in America. While we all mourn for the tragic loss in Newtown, there is a wide diversion of what Americans think are reasonable solutions to the problem of gun violence in America. While many of us would love a solution that was as simple as waving a magic wand to stop bloodshed, hoping for this panacea is not realistic- and neither is gun control as a viable option.

Obama did what many politicians do- he created a “task force” to investigate solutions to a problem. It’s an old trick, really; he will stock it full of cronies who agree with him and will pass along his agenda. The task force will shuffle papers around and provide a false sense of security for a population spooked by an exploitative media that heightens fear to progress their anti-gun agenda. They will investigate gun violence in the same manner that other task forces investigate rising debt and deficit spending.

Overall, the task force will function as an investigative committee to validate any action Democrats in either the White House or Congress wish to take- “The task force concluded that gun violence is encouraged by (insert scary-sounding gun term here).” In traditional backwards Washington fashion, the task force will be designed to validate an already-made conclusion.

You know how I know? If they had wanted an actual investigation, they would have appointed anybody but Joe Biden.

With any luck, America can pick up the pieces and move on; but Americans will continue to be dragged into a conversation about gun control each time that a nutjob shoots up a place. We cannot fix mental instability through firearm regulation- we must address mental health issues and our society that increasingly devalues cultural and moral values.

We will continue to have this discussion so long as we accept certain terms of dialogue. We must be unwilling to engage using arbitrary and loaded terms like “assault weapons.” We must maintain a stance of logic that promotes thinking over feeling and remind people that no gun control measures have worked to lessen violence, but only allowing guns to fall into the right hands has shown to work.

Above all else, we must not acquiesce to the narrative that the Second Amendment is up for negotiation- it’s not. This “discussion” about gun rights in America happened a long time ago and at the conclusion of the conversation, the Second Amendment was passed. Unless Congress repeals the Second Amendment, there is little to talk about.

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