Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Too Damn Late ...

One Brick At A Time ...

So, here we go again. ‘Don’t let a good crisis go to waste’ is the Democratic Party mantra. They have played it again and again until it almost doesn’t fly. [That big crisis in Benghazi, however, they wish would just go away since they are the ones who enabled it. Hillary Clinton is currently suffering a ‘concussion’ to avoid testimony]

So, there we have our illegitimate President up on a solemn stage campaigning for political purposes. He sees a golden opportunity to shed a tear while pleading for gun control. His gang of ‘Progressives’ (socialists) would like nothing better than to dismantle the Constitution one brick at a time for their own greedy purposes, starting with the second amendment.

And what is their goal? Power of course. They would like the power to dumb down, over tax, and disarm the population. And, believe it or not they are more than half way there. Just a few more steps and we are suddenly finding ourselves as a third world country like Cuba, or Venezuela. Good bye America, Mexico would suddenly double in size.

Obama and crew, including Communist Party card carrying Van Jones, are set to take us over and the idiots on the left can’t wait for it to happen while the idiots on the right can’t accept that it IS happening. Obama, Jones, and his Chief of Staff Valerie Jarrett  All Connected to Communist KGB Agent, Frank Marshall Davis and the Chicago Communist Party USA

As for me, I am afraid we are done. If no one stands up to those thugs in the Whitehouse, we are done and they will rule until a civil uprising wipes them out. This is the way of the third world. If they continue to be allowed to think of only their personal power rather than the power of the USA, we are done, done, done. You will not be able to read or write opinions such as this ever again. You will not have enough food, water, electrical power, and certainly no education. Education is the curse of the ruling class.

Don’t just take my word ... think about it ... compare him to others and educate yourself. Read more here:

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