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Kerry Threatens National Security


Global Warming Catastrophe Scenarios
Trump Threat Of Nuclear Iran?


URGENT: Without so much as a peep in protest, consternation – but plenty of push from the Barack Obama media machine – Massachusetts' hard-left Senator (and discredited Democrat presidential contender) John Kerry was nominated Obama's Secretary of State in December.

This nomination must be rejected. Sharing Barack Obama's globalist priorities on Capitol Hill poses one level of threat to the republic, but sharing them as Secretary of State presents a clear and present danger.

John Kerry, who has rarely met an international, sovereignty-stealing treaty he didn't like – you name it, he supports it – is all set for his anointing as Secretary of State, unless we ACT NOW stop the senior Senator from Massachusetts from taking his global warming and global government initiatives to a whole new, calamitous level.

Making matters worse, Kerry is a SERIAL LIAR when it comes to getting his way on Capitol Hill, whether it's to propagandize against our military, outright lie about his particular war experiences in Vietnam pulling on Congress and voter heartstrings, or to advance his screaming leftwing globalism.

Despite the SCIENCE utterly dismantling the climate change alarmism perpetuated by Barack Obama and his eco-extremist socialist faction, John Kerry continues to promulgate the lie that "catastrophic climate change represents a threat to human security, global stability, and – yes – even to American national security."

And despite the fact that catastrophic global warming has been repeatedly proven to NOT EXIST, Kerry still believes we're causing it – and MASSIVE global governance and energy rationing must intervene on all productive human activity to 'save the planet'!

That's why Kerry co-sponsored the American Power Act in 2010, a bill that would have established CAP AND TRADE, more truthfully entitled CAP AND TAX even before Barack Obama could get around to it. After all, Barack Obama had more important things, like raising taxes on every American taxpayer possible, to think about.

So, Kerry was the man for the job, and he tried his best to do the president's dirty work.

That effort is now paying off with Kerry's opportunistic nomination as Secretary of State to replace an arguably more independent Hillary Clinton. Internecine schisms among the progressives are difficult for rational people to sort out, but it is clear that Obama is avoiding them, building a second-term cabinet of second-stringer extremists who will be fanatically loyal to him and do his bidding with no demure. This way, Obama's radical socialist 'change' can be aggressively implemented from the top-down, through the Executive branch, around any resistance that might arise from a divided Congress and the courts – not to mention We the People.

Kerry is a dyed-in-the-wool extremist, apt to exploit literally anything to advance his radical agenda. In a 2009 interview with the ever-liberal Huffington Post, Kerry stated,"Nowhere is the connection between climate and security more direct than in South Asia—home to Al Qaeda. Scientists now warn that the Himalayan glaciers which supply fresh water to a billion people in the region could disappear completely by 2035." This statement is SUCH blatant climate catastrophist propaganda, implying as is does that AMERICA bears national security responsibility for natural climate trends observed for literally hundreds of years – it would be laughable, if it were not being uttered by such a politically dangerous fop.

No, as unbelievable – incredible really – as it is, we are not making this up!

Kerry chooses to promulgate the global environmental alarmists' argument that because Al Qaeda might seek to exploit South Asian regional adaptations for fresh water sources needed in thirty years, AMERICA should panic NOW, starve our nation of our abundant fossil fuel sources, and jump on the global climate change wacko-train to a world energy-deprived present AND future. What a visionary is John Kerry!

All along, WE thought our current great national security risk – and that of the foreseeable future – was Al Qaeda's determination to destroy us because of the terrorists' commitment to JIHAD against us infidels and the West!

But this is not Kerry's only mind-blowing foreign policy revelation…

In a Senate speech given just months ago in August, Kerry declared that global climate change was "as dangerous" as nuclear weapons in the hands of Iran.
That's right. Let that one sink in.

Kerry considers possibly thirsty jihadis in the Hindu Kush thirty years out as more of a threat to America's security than a nuclear armed Islamic Republic of Iran under the blood-stained Ayatollahs – today!

Once the icebergs are secured, (how exactly?) so shall America be secured against terrorism – except, of course nobody knows for sure why the ice sheets on some glaciers are receding, as others are thickening! And nobody has a clue what to do to actually slow, halt or reverse these trends. And to achieve real solutions to providing clean water needs for emerging nations, not even the prescient and wise John Kerry and Barack Hussein Obama can foresee what technologies may be developed to aid in fresh water delivery for the third world over the next 30 – 50 years. So all this climate and national security scare mongering amounts to what, exactly? Globalist power plays, that's what.

That's where we're headed under an Obama-Kerry foreign policy – and it is the WRONG direction.



Furthermore, this is not the level of intellectual OR moral integrity required to effectively lead the State Department of the United States of America or, to be completely honest, any other level of foreign policy decision making. However, IT DOES EXPLAIN WHY the smooth-talking pitchman Barack Obama – who made clear that climate change would be among his top three priorities in a second term – has nominated John Kerry in the first place!

Terrorism? Not to worry.

Nuclear proliferation? No problem.

World hunger and disease? It can wait.

Climate change? IMMEDIATE ACTION!

This is the mindset that we are dealing with, but the lying and conniving John Kerry's warped priorities aren't just limited to climate change.

Remember, global warming diva John Kerry is the same man who outright LIED that the United Nations' Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), a faux international 'human rights treaty' was of critical benefit to U.S. veterans. He scoffed at our criticism that the treaty, which would have inserted U.N. authoritarianism and international 'experts' from alien nations into our law and procedures of disability rights and care! We, the country that the whole world looks to for guidance in the establishment and protection of equal rights and development of transformative medical treatment for individuals suffering from disabilities – should surrender our sovereignty over these matters to U.N. globalists?
Senator Kerry passionately testified for ratification of the since-defeated treaty:

That's a threat to our sovereignty? That's a price too high to pay to make sure that when American combat veterans who left their legs on a battlefield travel overseas, there's a ramp in front of the building so they can enter and exit or use a bathroom? You tell those veterans that a committee's advice is sufficient reason to deny them dignity and respect when they travel overseas.

You MUST help us make sure that after Kerry's career-long propaganda parade in public life, his shameless record of thwarting fact with emotion on Capitol Hill, we make it a real battle for him to "move on up" and grasp the reins of the Department of State for the second Obama term.

John Kerry lives in a world of lies, fantasy, dramatic hypotheticals – one cannot know if he is a 'true believer' or a cynical Machiavellian. But consequences of his tenure at State will certainly be disastrous, whatever his motivations.

Kerry contends that if we pass this New START nuclear arms reduction treaty, the world will be inspired to follow suit and ALSO disarm – so America must go first. If we pass the Law of the Sea Treaty giving up our sovereign sea rights, regimes envious of our power will love and respect us for our new weakness and vulnerability, and the nations of the world will all deal fairly with each other on our planet's last great undeveloped frontier.
There is no history, logic, reason; no real facts to back any of this up.

It just sounds good to the hardcore globalist ear.

That is how John Kerry thinks and plays politics when it comes to foreign policy.
And doesn't that sound eerily familiar?

Just like Barack Obama, with John Kerry there is only an agenda that includes a sovereignty sell-out, the sacrifice of our national security and our national identity when we need them more than ever, a lot of hot air AND NO WAY TO ENSURE ANY OF THE LIBERAL HAPPY-EVER-AFTER THAT IS PROMISED BUT THAT WILL NEVER BE DELIVERED!

We MUST fight every battle now, facing FOUR YEARS to go further below the red line with Obama and cabinet nominations like Kerry seeking to implement such inane, un-American drivel into foreign law and international treaties! America as bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers, with its guarantees of liberty and self-determination will be a lost cause unless we STAND and FIGHT each and every appalling appointment, every action dragging us down.

Our elected officials WILL confirm John Kerry as Secretary of State – the key foreign policy decision-maker and strategist for Obama's globalist vision, unless we take action right now to demand his confirmation is immediately blocked! KERRY IS UNFIT TO SERVE AND MUST NOT GAIN A MOMENTUM OF SUPPORT IN THE LEFTWING SENATE! America desperately needs an honest and ethical Secretary of State willing to put extremist partisan ideology aside, and his own political agenda and ambition aside – and actually serve the American people, the common good.

America needs a Secretary of State who will call it like it is.

Someone who will tell Barack Obama 'NO'!

John Kerry is not that person.

John Kerry is not the Secretary of State America so desperately needs at this critical juncture where every decision has the potential to make or break our once indestructible shining beacon respected and emulated by nations around the world, and now scorned and mocked by the Obama administration and the likes of the effete internationalist, John Kerry.

The Senate confirmation of John Kerry MUST BE STOPPED!

Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

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