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Obama Gun Running Kills Americans



Obama Breaks International Law, No Questions Asked

URGENT: The murkiness surrounding the status of the Benghazi facility and the failure to coordinate it with the new Libyan government that Obama HELPED TO ARM waves countless red flags of clumsy, amateurish efforts at ILLEGAL clandestine activities, which are likely why Obama gave NO GO orders for rescue of our men being killed on the ground!

What was earlier believed to be a mishap by the mainstream media in reporting the Benghazi facility as a "consulate" – an error later corrected by the Oval Office itself when it rewrote the talking points to re-label it – may very well provide the missing link in WHY the Obama administration resorted to a Benghazi cover-up conspiracy of greater proportions than even Watergate…

Despite Obama being let off the hook by officials unwilling to rock the Washington Establishment boat for justice and accountability and despite so-called 'independent' investigative reports ordered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, new questions are being raised about whether or not the mission VIOLATED INTERNATIONAL LAW.

Ironically, by establishing the secret Benghazi operation WITHOUT notifying the host government of its existence, our grand diplomat in the White House very likely BROKE the United Nations Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations signed by the United States in 1961 –

Article 2 of the U.N. convention reads: "The establishment of diplomatic relations between States, and of permanent diplomatic missions, takes place by mutual consent."

Article 12 commands that, "The sending State may not, without the prior express consent of the receiving State, establish offices forming part of the mission in localities other than those in which the mission itself is established."

The U.S. Embassy to Libya is in TRIPOLI.
The 'facility' was in BENGHAZI, more than 600 MILES AWAY.

But the newly formed Libyan government had not a clue that OUR State Department had sent Ambassador Chris Stevens to Benghazi as a middleman in a high-level gun trafficking scheme premeditated to put military-grade weapons into the hands of known terrorists IN LIBYA and throughout the Middle East in order to support Islamist power-grabs.

For once in all of its over-bloated, bureaucratic and interfering, opinionated existence, we're not hearing a peep from the United Nations!


It's just like everything else when it comes to Benghazi.

According to the 39-page report released by State Department investigators, the U.S. mission in Benghazi lacked adequate security because of a high-level decision "to treat Benghazi as a temporary, residential facility, not officially notified to the host government, even though it was also a full-time office facility."

The report, which calls the facility a "Special U.S. Mission," says the mission's special "non-status" exempted it from department security standards.

It blames two high-level officials at the State Department, who were consequently put on PAID LEAVE, while Obama's Senate allies continued the cover-up in their report absolving Dear Leader from any responsibility for wrong doing – whether it's a matter of foreign policy FAILURE, a violation of international law, gun-trafficking or MURDER!

The United Nations will certainly not be demanding justice for these four men anytime soon – why would they do anything but help cover for Barack Obama, who is planning on handing over our gun rights and our sovereignty bit by bit to the power-grabbing progressives?

Clinton has been let off the hook thus far after a concussion and allegedly a blood clot that left her able to write an eight-page report to Congress but unable to testify.

Well, Benghazi makes us sick, too.

Sickened that for nearly FOUR MONTHS, the murder of FOUR AMERICANS has been part of a cover-up conspiracy by those either elected or appointed to serve the American people!

Already, pressure is falling off of Washington to ACT, to DEMAND ANSWERS to which by right the American people are entitled, regarding Obama's secret and lethal gun-running operation in Benghazi. But WE are still demanding the answers these four men and their families deserve!

Americans MUST learn what was really going on as American policy in Benghazi that cost FOUR American lives, and what we find out may very well be an impeachable offense saving our nation from FOUR MORE YEARS of fraud, failure and utter disgrace. Our Congress is our only recourse for justice, and no matter WHAT their shenanigans over the 'Fiscal Cliff' or the "Debt Ceiling" or whatever other crisis they concoct, WE MUST KEEP THE PRESSURE ON WASHINGTON TO ACT!

Recently, Representative Frank Wolf (R-VA) introduced H. Res. 824, legislation that creates a special Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives to conduct a thorough Congressional investigation into the terrorist attack in Benghazi.


The State Department's purported 'independent' report released in December is just the latest attempt to obfuscate the truth and prevent justice. It confirmed everything we already knew – that the Benghazi mission was inadequately protected and that terrorists (not protestors) stormed the compound. It goes into detail about what changes should be made to prevent such attacks in the future WITHOUT laying the responsibility for this shameful debacle at anyone's feet.

The report identified "leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus." It makes 29 suggestions for future improvement WITHOUT naming one person who made either a wrong decision or failed to making a decision at all that could have saved Ambassador Chris Stevens, or operatives Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods.

SHOCKINGLY, it even calls Washington's response "timely and appropriate."
What a CROCK!

It does NOT answer OUR questions about where in the Chain of Command nearby "RAPID RESPONSE" help was REFUSED to Americans under vicious, relentless, FATAL attack. WHO GAVE THE 'NO GO'???!!!

We KNOW the U.S. mission in Benghazi was in constant communication with the White House, the State Department and intelligence in Washington, D.C., from the moment the lethal assault began. WHO issued the cowardly "stand down" order to those who should have – and would have – aided their comrades in arms?

We the People DEMAND the truth of why Obama has covered up the trail of responsibility!

The New York Times devastated Barack Obama's "YouTube cover up" of Benghazi with evidence confirming that Barack Obama covertly approved arms shipments worth more than $200 million indirectly destined for rebel movements throughout the Middle East, including Islamist militants in Libya.

Other reports confirmed that the U.S. diplomatic "mission" in Benghazi actually served as a meeting place to coordinate aid for the rebel-led insurgencies in the Middle East, including those who were openly members of terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda and its affiliate Ansar Al-Sharia, which has claimed responsibility for the Benghazi murders!

The report released by the State Department on Tuesday confirmed that the assailants used "arson, small arms and machine gun fire, and the use of RPGs, grenades, and mortars" without addressing whether or not these weapons were put into their hands by Barack Obama and whether this is the explanation behind the changed talking points and the wild goose chase we're being led on by the White House in our search for the truth!

Worse even than initially arming these terrorists, the Obama administration did nothing tostop arming the jihadist groups even after Mahmoud Jibril, then Prime Minister of the Libyan transitional government, came to Obama's people with the information that Qatar was funneling U.S. weapons to arm Islamist militant groups who were plotting to overthrow the new, moderate Libyan government!
The New York Times reports:
The United States, which had only small numbers of C.I.A. officers on the ground in Libya during the tumult of the rebellion, provided little oversight of the arms shipments. Within weeks of endorsing Qatar's plan to send weapons there in spring 2011, the White House began receiving reports that they were going to Islamic militant groups. They were "more antidemocratic, more hard-line, closer to an extreme version of Islam" than the main rebel alliance in Libya, said a former Defense Department official…
The Qataris provided weapons, money and training to various rebel groups in Libya. One militia that received aid was controlled by Adel Hakim Belhaj, then leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, who was held by the C.I.A. in 2004 and is now considered a moderate politician in Libya. It is unclear which other militants received the aid.
"Nobody knew exactly who they were," said the former defense official. The Qataris, the official added, are "supposedly good allies, but the Islamists they support are not in our interest."
During the revolution against Qaddafi, the U.S. admitted to directly providing weapons and financing to Libyan rebels. As reported by WND, "At the time, rebel leader Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi admitted in an interview that a significant number of the Libyan rebels were al-Qaeda fighters, many of whom had fought U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan."

But that didn't stop Barack Obama from staying the course with yet anotheranti-American "lead from behind" gun-running operation that allowed Libyan terrorists to very likely use our own weapons against us and kill our own people in Benghazi!

Barack Obama ignored the warnings from the new Libyan Prime Minister.
His administration ignored the warnings from Ambassador Chris Stevens that the 'consulate' would not be able to withstand a terror attack.

Barack Obama and every higher-up in the situation room ignored repeatedly Americans' cries for help when they were under attack.

All evidence is condemning the Obama Benghazi cover up as a conspiracy to conceal its own explicit role in arming the terrorists responsible. Congress will be listening NOW as the fall-out from this damning news story begins to break through the elites' wall of protection around Obama.

But we must strike while the iron is hot and the public at large is demanding answers that even the Obama-controlled mainstream media cannot subdue!

There is no doubt that Barack Hussein Obama has the blood of our four, patriot Americans killed in Benghazi (and that of the countless innocent victims of Islamist terrorists throughout the Middle East and North Africa) on his hands, but he and his underlings will get away with it UNLESS we make sure justice is served!

Marc Turi, the American arms merchant who had originally sought to provide weapons directly to Libya only to be told by our officials to go through Qatar, told the New York Times that what "the U.S. government and Qatar allowed from there was between them." Mr. Turi also believes that the U.S. shut down his original plan to supply Libya directly because it got in the way of Obama's plans to covertly arm rebels throughout the Middle East.
As for the Qataris, Mr. Turi said they imposed no controls on who got the weapons and "just handed them out like candy."

One former Defense Department official told the Times that some of the weapons have since ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda affiliates in Mali (where Shariah law has since been implemented!) while other weapons have gone to Syria!

Countless lies have been told in the Obama cover up, but the true story is that the Obama administration began covert gun-running throughout the Middle East, giving its secret blessings to arms shipments to Libyan rebels from Qatar last year, in order to avoid a ground war and its inevitable political fallout. Here we are three months after the Benghazi massacres, still fighting for the truth and for justice.

While it has not yet been confirmed that U.S.-approved weapons were explicitly involved in the lethal terrorist attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi (when this Commander in Chief issued "stand down" orders leaving four Americans to DIE rather than green-light readily available help), the truth – that Obama armed the Libyan terrorists responsible for those killings and then he covered it up – will only fully emerge with an immediate Congressional investigation delving without fear or favor into the Obama administration's secret gun-running activities to jihadists!

Testimony by former CIA Director General David Petraeus revealed that the Intelligence communities and the White House knew the Benghazi massacre was a terrorist attack right away.

And now we're learning more about our Commander-in-Chief's complicit role in arming Libyan terrorists, likely even those responsible for the Benghazi massacre!

The formal links between Ansar Al-Sharia, the heavily-armed Salafist terrorist group responsible, and Al-Qaeda were well known. Ansar Al-Sharia was conspicuously present in real-time intelligence, dragging U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens' dead body through the streets of Benghazi, kicking and punching the corpse and shouting 'Allahu Akbar,' or Allah is Great.

Meanwhile the Left side of Capitol Hill is blaming the watering down of the talking points on "the process of having passed through different levels of classification" – but we aren't buying this excuse, either. As our ambassador to the United Nations, Rice had access to the highest levels of intelligence… She was either willfully lying, for which she should be prosecuted – or she was so incompetent and deleterious in her duty to speak under cover of authority to the American people she should resign from public service!

Barack Obama is counting on Americans abandoning this quest for truth and justice, now that Petraeus' testimony seems to establish that "the process" changed the talking points AFTER the intelligence memo left the CIA for the White House.

While the testimonies of DNI Chief James Clapper and former CIA Director David Petraeus were at least a start to uncovering WHAT happened and WHO is responsible for ruthlessly abandoning four Americans to Islamist terrorists and needless death, it is not enough.

We will not be distracted from our pursuit of the truth and of justice!

U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a key member of the House Intelligence Committee, is going after the Obama administration.
Bachmann indicated three key areas where questions MUST be answered:
Why was there a lack of security at the Benghazi consulate prior to the attack, despite repeated (denied) requests for additional security that ultimately put the safety of Ambassador Stevens into the hands of local Libyan militia infiltrated with terrorists;
Why was CNN able to simply pick up Ambassador Steven's personal diary from the charred and gutted remains of the consulate?
What did the terrorists find in the three week window before the FBI showed up to secure the sovereign compound, and why did it take so long for the FBI to get there?
Key decision makers knew almost immediately – between cables, emails and phone calls from Ambassador Stevens himself and other Americans at the consulate – that the facility was under heavily armed attack – Why did it take 20 hours for the U.S. military to land in Italy and those already stationed two hours away never receive orders to go in and protect these U.S. Citizens who would die nearly seven hours after the attack first began?
Why was U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice sent on a public relations junket, appearing on Sunday television shows after the attack?
Why did she claim the Benghazi massacre was the unfortunate result of a spontaneous protest to an anti-Islam YouTube video and that there was a 'substantial security presence' at the consulate?
Why did Barack Obama state six times before the United Nations on September 25 – two weeks after the attack that our government clearly knew was a terrorist attack unrelated to the video – that the anti-Islam YouTube video was the motivating factor behind the attack?
Bachmann says the Obama administration is trying to "change their narrative and have it both ways" regarding the Benghazi massacre, and she is absolutely right.
The Obama administration didn't hesitate to release specific details, "including some classified information," almost as soon as Osama bin Laden was dead, yet nearly three months after the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, America still has cover up, confusion and obfuscation – but doesn't have answers!

This is just the beginning of a very long struggle for answers and for justice.
Barack Obama is hoping that the American people are appeased with Petraeus' testimony and that the Obama administration can wash their hands of the blood of four Americans handed over to the terrorists.

But they are sorely mistaken, especially after these new reports reveal Barack Obama green-lighted arming Libyan Islamists who were very likely the jihadists responsible for the brutal Benghazi massacre of our four American patriots!

The LYING, the timeline, everything about Benghazi indicates a cover-up that makes Watergate look like a little white lie.

This administration is hoping to hide behind the FBI and State Department investigations of Benghazi, and we're guessing it's for good reason. The Obama administration, as usual, is far more concerned about protecting itself than seeing justice served.

We want Clinton – and every other official in the Situation Room who watched Americans die in real time – held accountable and to answer to the American people for handing over our Ambassador and three other Americans to the terrorists when life-saving help was one swift command and mere minutes away!

We want those responsible for NOT sending readily available, life-saving aid to answer to the families of our men! Those who were abandoned by cowards in this administration to die kept faith with us – we MUST KEEP FAITH WITH THEM!

Clinton KNOWS WELL what was going on in Benghazi and she MUST TESTIFY before Congress – she and other officials of rank in Washington – but we MUST take action right now to make sure it happens!

We MUST step up our demands to Congress.

We cannot allow Barack Obama and his media minions to distract Americans from seeking the truth that the families of these men – Amb. Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods – deserve.

We must LOUDLY demand that the mainstream media – NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, CSPAN – continue covering this story and do it without spinning murder into an unavoidable mishap.

With your generous support, we will continue working to hold Barack Obama and his administration accountable for the murder of these four Americans in Benghazi.

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