Saturday, January 26, 2013

Soros Takes Over Whitehouse

Obama Campaign Merges with George Soros

George Soros has leased the White House as a summer home for eight years, and appointed a number of his stooges to Cabinet positions, including Chief of Staff. It’s a great triumph for the wanted criminal who has gone from collaborating with the Nazis to controlling the greatest country in the world.
And now Soros will be funding the Permanent Campaign to transform America into a Socialist country.
Obama rolled out his new political outfit last week, he and his allies declared it would be powered by grassroots activists and change politics from outside Washington.
Not exactly.
In its first days, Organizing for Action has closely affiliated itself with insider liberal organizations funded by mega-donors like George Soros and corporations such as Lockheed Martin, Citi and Duke Energy.
Because it’s all about the money. It always was.
At the Newseum, Messina name-checked the Common Purpose Project, a non-profit which convenes weekly meetings of such groups regularly featuring White House officials, as “the model that we’re basing this off.” That group, which POLITICO has learned is considering merging with Organizing for Action, is run by Erik Smith, a Democratic operative who also sits on the board of OfA and Business Forward.
Erik Smith ran the Media Fund, whose biggest donor was George Soros. The Common Purpose Project is also funded by Soros and which received help from Soros’ Democracy Alliance. Common Purpose was already closely coordinating with the Soros funded Center for American Progress, which went on to shape the Obama White House.
The Obama campaign is being folded back into the swamp it came from as another of the Soros front groups being used by the left to control the country.
The Center for American Progress confirmed it’s already working with Organizing for Action, and sources say Media Matters founder David Brock during the panel offered to do the same.
And the gang’s all back together again. We’re getting a surreal glimpse of an entangled network in which a White House campaign is just another arm of a left-wing matrix of organizations funded by corrupt billionaires.
Told of the meeting, Fred Wertheimer, head of the money-in-politics watchdog group Democracy 21, expressed concern.
“This is the worst possible way for President Obama to start his second term in office,” Wertheimer said. He urged Obama to “immediately” shut down Organizing for Action, calling its creation “an inexplicable action by the president that directly contradicts the message President Obama has been taking to the country for years about the dangerous role played by corporate and special interest money in influencing the way business is done in Washington.”
That was Obama’s message. He just didn’t mean one word of it.

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