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Unvetted Obama Creating Havoc

Demand Sheriff Joe File A Criminal Complaint Now!
URGENT: The Obama administration has vowed to 'quickly' force on our nation irreversible amnesty edicts AND legislation to obliterate our Second Amendment with actions THIS MONTH! We must turn up the pressure on Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse to FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES against Barack Hussein Obama's fraud, forgery and deception of the American people!
Barack Obama – the man who has evaded for FOUR LONG YEARS having to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the United States – is all set make good on his 2008 campaign pledge to "fundamentally transform America" as he sees fit, whether it's tax-and-spending our free nation into a Marxist society, obliterating our Second Amendment rights or handing off our sovereignty to the United Nations bit by bit.
But we can still save America if we stop Barack Hussein Obama with the irrefutable evidence unearthed by Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse!
Natural born citizenship is the FIRST requirement of eligibility to hold the Office of President under Article II, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the U.S. Constitution, which states:
"No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; Neither shall any person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States."
If Barack Obama can be PROVEN a non-citizen imposter, ALL of the Executive Orders he has signed while occupying office would be NULL AND VOID – along with every other law he signed and forced on America, like ObamaCare!
We must compel Sheriff Joe to FILE CRIMINAL CHARGES for the systemic conspiracy and cover up by Obama and his governing faction! Obama must not be given a pass on his bold fraud to occupy the Oval Office illicitly, and allowed to solidify his Marxist putsch over our Constitution!
With the Imposter-in-Chief ready to impose sweeping amnesty and edicts obliterating our Second Amendment at any time he should fail to get everything he wants from Congress, there is not a single moment to lose.
We must work URGENTLY to force Congress AND Sheriff Joe to move forward with criminal indictments on Barack Obama and his crew.
With all the Posse's evidence, while true conservatives and patriots in the Congress are otherwise in retreat and stinging from Republican Establishment, inter-party betrayal – they just might find the courage to defend the Constitution!
Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley, this year's Nerenberg Lecturer in Mathematics at the University of Western Ontario, Canada and a former adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, was asked to give expert testimony on the probability that the document purported to be a digital photographic image of Barack Obama's original paper long form Hawaiian birth certificate – the one released and personally endorsed by Obama at a press conference on April 27, 2011 – is genuine.
And he could establish virtually ZERO probability of authenticity. ZERO.
Monckton examined the hard evidence of fraud and forgery – the hundreds of irregularities and anomalies in Barack Obama's April 2011 document and his other personal records unearthed by Sheriff Joe and his team of subject matter experts – and even being conservative with OBJECTIVE probability estimates (and omitting some altogether) Monckton could not salvage the odds for Obama.
The 13 distinct irregularities assigned probabilities by Lord Monckton are as follows:
  1. Multiple layers of 1-bit quality
  2. No 1-bit-quality layer represents black – 1 in 60 (combined)
  3. One 8-bit-quality color layer
  4. Registrar's signature-stamp on its own layer 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
  5. Registrar's date-stamp on its own layer 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
  6. Line spacing irregularities 1 in 10
  7. Letter spacing irregularities 1 in 20
  8. White halo effect around black text 1 in 10
  9. Chromatic aberration absent 1 in 100 (actually impossible)
  10. Certificate number out of sequence 1 in 25
  11. Father's birth date two years out 1 in 40
  12. Use of "African" against written rules 1 in 25
  13. Miscoding of Federal statistical data 1 in 25
Using this table, Monckton calculated the odds that the White House document is genuine (that each of these irregularities identified by Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse investigators occurred with no human interference or were otherwise accidental) is 1 in 75,000,000,000,000,000 (1 in 75 quadrillion).
Even if the probabilities of each of these 13 irregularities were unrealistically lessened to 1 in 2 odds, that the document released by the White House is genuine would still be no more than 1 in 213 and more likely about 1 in 8000 probability!
"In my experience, I have never found a document which, when this probabilistic technique is applied, is determined to be so very nearly certain to be a forgery as the White House document," said Lord Monckton in his sworn affidavit, and that's not even accounting for each of the three irregularities in Obama's other documents!
First, there are numerous irregularities in the short form abstract of his birth record published in the run up to his 2008 candidacy, including an inconsistency between the text of the abstract and the form of words in use at the time when it was, on its face, issued," explained Monckton.
Secondly, the Selective Service record signed by him carries a two-digit year stamp contrary to written rules issued by the Department of Defense specifying a four-digit stamp, which, as far as the investigators could discover, was invariably used on all other Selective Service registration records at that time.
Thirdly, his Social Security number carries a three-digit Connecticut prefix even though he had never lived there and all adjacent Social Security numbers with the same three-digit prefix that the investigators could trace were issued to residents of Connecticut. Taking these three additional irregularities together with the 13 irregularities in the White House document, the probability that Mr. Obama's identity documentation is true falls from 1 in 75 quadrillion to 1 in 75 sextillion.
Barack Obama has bypassed and outmaneuvered Congress repeatedly during his first term in office and we can only expect more of the same unless Barack Obama is held accountable for deceiving the American people! Barack Obama MUST be made answerable to the rule of law! Sheriff Joe needs to file criminal complaints based upon the compelling evidence compiled by the Cold Case Posse with the support of the American people, and we must take our fight again to Congress for judicial investigation and impeachment proceedings.
The need for action is URGENT; Barack Obama is beginning to turn the RINO – Republican in Name Only – shift toward socialism in his favor!
We must act now!
The American people DESERVE THE TRUTH!
To stave off answering to the American people for wrongdoing, Barack Obama has deployed a charm and charisma offensive like a war campaign even more adroitly than Bill Clinton on his best day, and Obama has much more to worry about than an angry wife.
The consequences of being exposed serially lying to the American people – to the entire world – in order to illicitly occupy the Oval Office not only would be terminal to his 'presidency' but most certainly to his agenda of "fundamental transformation" of our once prosperous, once free America into something unrecognizable and undeniably socialist.
Barack Obama has intentionally worked to make it next to impossible to confirm his eligibility, just as he has made it nearly impossible to disprovehis eligibility – but the odds are against him to sustain his murky history and cover up forever. Obama's first Executive Orders, signed to conceal the inner workings and day-to-day operations of the Oval Office during the presidency, very likely include orders to change Selective Service archive procedures and other measures to cover his tracks. But we may never know for sure until it's too late, unless we raise the roof TODAY demanding CRIMINAL CHARGES for Obama's fraud, forgery and conspiracy; DISCLOSURE of all the remaining real records on Obama that have been kept sealed by the corrupt courts; AND ACTUAL CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS toward impeachment, that justice be done by the Congress.
There is PLENTY of evidence for the Congress to proceed upon with investigation if criminal charges are filed!
After nearly a year expert subject matter investigation and two trips to Barack Obama's alleged place of birth in Hawaii, Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse detectives have uncovered layers of EVIDENCE of fraud and forgery – and conspiracy! They have a judiciable case that a crime against our Constitution and each and every Citizen of the United States of America has occurred with the placement of Barack Obama's name on our election ballots through FRAUD and FORGERY, with NO PROOF of his constitutional eligibility, and CRIMINAL CHARGES MUST BE FILED.
Barack Obama is driving this country into the ground – this is no time to sit on stacks and stacks of evidence! There are 16 ACTIVE civil court challenges to the Great One's legitimacy already, but incredibly it is not yet enough for the truth to prevail against partisan or intimidated judges and courtroom shenanigans!
But NONE of these are CRIMINAL CASES!
ALABAMA – An appeal has been filed after the original case against Barack Obama's eligibility to appear on the ballot was dismissed this summer due to a technicality that Barack Obama was not yet the official Democratic Party candidate. (This case – which was dismissed by the Circuit Court of Appeals without cause or comment given, will likely be heard before the state Supreme Court and a panel of justices led by a Constitutionalist Chief Justice – is one of our best shots for finally getting real evidence introduced in court of Barack Obama's eligibility (or more likely, ineligibility) as the case was filed presenting some of the Cold Case Posse discoveries and should force the panel to review that evidence in a court of law!)
FLORIDA – One active state case is awaiting a judge's verdict. Another in the Court of Appeals just was ruled for Obama based on no legal reasoning – the judge quoted the movie Miracle on 34th Street! These are also excellent cases, seriously argued by attorney Larry Klayman on solid legal grounds.
DC – A subpoena has been issued for Barack Obama's Occidental College records in a legal challenge against the District's Board of Election Supervisors for failing to vet the incumbent candidate. Additionally, there is an appeal of Freedom of Information in this case regarding Barack Obama's apparently fraudulent use of Connecticut Social Security Number 042-68-4425 despite Obama having NO connection with the state!
NEW YORK – Two legal challenges.
CALIFORNIA – Three cases in the Court of Appeals as well as an application for the Supreme Court of the United States to STAY their certification of the California election pending confirmation of Barack Obama's constitutional eligibility from the Supreme Court of California.
GEORGIA – There are two challenges, including a related appeal in the Supreme Court of the United States.
MARYLAND – Eligibility complaint against Obama is being appealed.
MISSISSIPPI – A racketeering complaint has been filed in a federal court against Obama, "Obama for America", Nancy Pelosi, Hawaii Registrar Alvin Onaka and several others.
California Attorney Orly Taitz filed five of the above legal challenges and is continuing her crusade against the Obama eligibility cover-up. She is trying to get legal challenges raised in every state and an investigation launched in every county sheriff's office to confirm to the nation AND the Obama faction that America KNOWS his occupancy of the Oval Office rests upon fraud – and that we will not rest until justice is done either in our courts or in our Congress!
And then there is another challenge to Barack Obama in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
ALL this makes clear that we are not alone in our fight for PROOF POSITIVE, and we MUST PERSERVERE IN THIS FIGHT! But with the news cycle ever-changing, we must keep up our constant vigilance and our constant demands for the truth!
CRIMES have been committed. It's obvious to anyone who takes the time to look at the evidence unearthed by the Cold Case Posse, and now it's time for the next step… We MUST continue our fight for PROOF POSITIVE in CONGRESS and in COURTS across the country!
The so-called mainstream media is ignoring these cases and any evidence because they are looking out for themselves, not We the People. We will not be silenced into complicity with the unlawful Obama regime! Congress MUST feel our pressure, and pressure from local jurisdictions!
We must demand that our sheriff's offices in our counties, and our state Attorneys General launch their own investigations into the integrity of Obama's identity and ballot qualifications until the questions surrounding Obama's constitutional eligibility can no longer be ignored by our courts or by Capitol Hill!
Cold Case Posse lead investigator Detective Mike Zullo recently signed a sworn affidavit that Hawaii officials are using "elaborate non-cooperation" to conceal Obama's birth records, should they even exist, from law enforcement officers and the public.
After two official visits to the Aloha State looking for answers, Cold Case Posse lead Detective Mike Zullo instead returned with "a series of inconsistent and misleading representations"made by Hawaiian officials over the past year that he has been assigned to the case.
In his affidavit, Zullo is charging that Hawaii's governor, deputy attorney general and health department chiefs are obstructing justice by "hiding" original birth records in an effort to stop the first ever (and only) law enforcement investigation of Barack Obama's eligibility to be president of the United States.
Zullo alleges that the Hawaii Department of Health "has engaged in what the sheriff's investigators believe is a systematic effort to hide from law enforcement and the public whatever original 1961 birth records the Hawaii Department of Health may have in its possession."
Hawaii's efforts to hide the evidence from America ranges from calculated policy and procedure changes to simply refusing to talk with credentialed Cold Case Posse investigators in Hawaii as part of a legitimate law enforcement investigation! Whether these stonewalling actions are out of fear or out of political loyalty to the Obama machine – they are part of a criminal conspiracy to conceal felonies and could well be making those participating accessories to federal felonies!
For example, when Detective Zullo went in person to Kapiolani Hospital, the alleged birthplace of Barack Husssein Obama II according to the PDF "birth record" released by the White House, Zullo was REFUSED the opportunity to view publicly available birth records for 1961, Obama's year of birth.
The hospital wouldn't even confirm that they had Obama's birth records!
This left Zullo and other Cold Case Posse investigators unable to rule out the reputable theory that Barack Obama's out-of-order birth certificate number was due to the borrowing (and modifying) of Virginia Sunahara's – a little girl who was born in the same hospital around the same time as Barack Obama is said to have been delivered there. Virginia Sunahara died the day after her birth, and her official birth records (including her original long form birth certificate) remain under wraps not even available to family members…
America is NOT YET a banana republic where a petty dictator can defy the law and regulations that are to apply equally to all! This conduct is NOT LEGAL and MUST NOT GO UNCHALLENGED! Join the NATIONAL hue and cry for Obama to be taken to court on criminal charges!
So far, the Posse has reported to Sheriff Joe that TWO crimes have been committed:
1) The fraud-riddled forgery created for and characterized by the White House, knowingly or unknowingly, as an official birth record of Barack Hussein Obama;
2) The fraudulent presentation of the White House forgery as "proof positive" of Barack Obama's authentic 1961 long form birth certificate to the residents of Maricopa County, where the investigation originated, and to the American public.
Despite the media blackout, despite the stonewalling, despite the ongoing criminal conduct and conspiracy to conceal the truth, and despite the lack of will in Congress, Obama is cornered with law enforcement expert evidence – criminal acts have been committed, and the force of justice MUST prevail.
Thanks to Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse – and your continuing loyal support! – we now have enough evidence of fraud and forgery to present before a judgeOnce criminal charges are filed, full-blown criminal investigations can be launched by Congress and court jurisdictions…
Is American jurisprudence so corrupt that none will hear the case? We don't think so, but it is going to take the right court to hear our case – the people's case – against Barack Hussein Obama!
With Barack Obama about to be sworn in like a potentate in a multi-million dollar extravaganza inaugural of four more years of ruin, while our country teeters endlessly on the verge of nose-diving over the fiscal and moral cliff, America MUST learn the truth before it's too late! We MUST make sure that Obama is held to the rule of law, like every other person in America! We MUST convince the Congress to investigate and act upon Sheriff Joe's evidence, and a judge to try criminal conspiracy charges!

Keep Faith,
The Editors
Proof Positive –
P.S. Sheriff Joe WON thanks to national support from all of us, despite rabid pro-Obama supporters and the nastiest sheriff's race America's toughest sheriff has ever faced. But an even bigger battle lies ahead: TAKING BARACK OBAMA TO COURT. Please, SELECT HERE right now to bolster Sheriff Joe and the Posse with a fax – you can also make your best contribution to help re-build the Cold Case Posse Proof Positive war chest and help take their evidence to court!

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