Monday, July 15, 2013

Comments On Racism

If the blacks want to find racism in America, they only need look in the mirror. It is so tiresome that every time a white or light skinned person (I think Zim is Hispanic on mother's side) is involved in a conflict or contest or business deal with a black person the blacks get together and yell racism. Jackson and Sharpton come out of the woodwork for their share of face time, adding to the circus.

They have found that all the noise works for them. The media somehow thinks it's justified, if you are black, to pound a white man's head into the concrete. Whites in charge of things like law enforcement, jobs and government etc. seem to have a huge sense of guilt about that. Or is it just cowardice? They fear losing an election or losing money if they don't kiss black ass and the blacks know it. White people would rather be politically correct than morally correct.

To prove the hypothesis just look at how we whities have painted ourselves into a corner with the muslim/Islam issue. Although we know that all the mosques in America foment our overthrow for the sake of overthrow, we go the politically correct and morally wrong way to deal with it. This action. of course, does more long term harm than good as the noise makers view this PC action as weakness, and rightly so. We are somehow racist if we act or express a desire to prevent our families from being murdered in their sleep.

Little if anything is said when blacks murder blacks in the street, or when muslims kill their daughters for wearing jeans, but God help us if a white person is in the mix.

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