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A Letter From Egypt

Date: Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 1:25 AM
Subject: From a friend

The mail is from a friend who is in favor of tolerance and diversity and understanding, all desirable qualities.  We have only the occasional disagreement.
    The mail to him is from a friend who lives in Cairo - but I'll let him introduce it.  The writer in Cairo is certainly right about the MSM coverage here in USA.  The closest to accurate I've seen was in the Huff Post, of all places.  But the slideshow images there are overwhelmingly of bloodied Morsi supporters and will likely influence more readers than the text.  Oh well, "if it bleeds, it leads", eh?
    So far as the question of whom to support, which began this correspondence, she says unequivocally the military, and hopes the Brotherhood will be defanged.  Both wonder why Obama is still supporting, however listlessly, the Brotherhood.  It may take a while for the realization to dawn, and  then, too, there is an instinctive reluctance to support a military coup.

Begin message from xxx:
I think this is interesting. This girl was a friend of our kids and us for years. She married an Egyptian years ago and they have a couple of kids. Wife visited them a few years ago and they visited us also. I think the kids are being raised Muslim but very liberal. Traci is Christian. I get my inside information from her, and I would agree with her take on the problem. As usual our country, and Obama, are on the wrong side of this fight.
--  xxx

----- Forwarded Message -----

Hey xxx,

Thank you once again for your concern, seems like this is a never ending problem. Zade, Kenzi and I came back in the wee hours of the morning on the 14th from Europe when it all kicked off again. Getting a bit tired of this situation, but we are safe. Like I have said several times before, where we live, it is totally safe - we just don't venture out of our little El Rehab bubble for the time being. It is actually very quiet in El Rehab because of the curfew.  A lot of people like to come from outside Rehab to hang out here because it is a nice manicured little suburb, but because of the 9pm curfew, all these people who don't live here - just come to hang out - have to leave around 6:30pm in order to get back to wherever their homes are.  So for us people that actually live in Rehab, we have less outsiders, thus it is quite quiet.  In Rehab for us who live here, we still go out after curfew, walk our dogs, hang out in our gardens, go for jogs, bike rides, drive to friends houses etc...

As for whom to root for, root for the military to crack down on the MB once and for all.  I know what you see on the Western media channels, because I watch them as well.  I am totally dumbfounded as to how they are covering this situation.  Why they keep portraying the MB as victims and just "peaceful protesters" being slaughtered I will never understand. From various eye witness reports - people I know taking videos on their mobile phones -  I have seen these MB "peaceful protesters" carrying Ak 47s/hand guns, randomly shooting into apt buildings, setting fire to churches, attacking an elderly police officer, stripping him and then beating him etc....  These are not "peaceful protesters".

Also, believe it or not, the military has been very patient with them and their sit ins. After Morsi was ousted on the 3rd of July, the Morsi supporters/MB started sit-ins in two main squares in Cairo - Rab3a [probably Rabaah al-Adawiya] and Nahda squares. Ramadan started around the 9th of July, so the military let them continue their sit-ins through out the month of Ramadan, even though they were disrupting the city - camping out, blocking roads etc.... Ramadan finished around the 9th of August. After Ramadan there are 3 days of Eid, which is the equivalent to Christmas over here.  From around the 7th of August, the military warned the protesters to leave the places that they were camping out in because after Eid they would start to clear them out if they were still there.  Eid was over around the 11th of August. On the 12th and 13th the military did nothing but kept telling them to clear out or they would be cleared out with force.  They refused, so on the 14th at around 6am in the morning the bulldozers started coming in to clear out all the trash and the barricades that they had made.  They were given plenty of warning and were told exactly what would happen but they still insisted on staying, even brought their wives and kids to the squares. The problem is that most of these supporters are uneducated idiots that are brainwashed by the MB leaders into thinking that if they continue on this track and even if they die, they will be martyrs and go to heaven.  The MB leaders knowing that the vast majority of their followers are complete idiots used them. Then when some of them died because they refused to leave, the MB PR machine showed pictures of how the evil military killed innocent "peaceful protesters". Btw, when they cleared the Rab3a square, in one of the field hospitals of theirs they found a coffin full of bullets for the "peaceful protesters" to use.

At the end of the day on the 14th, the military announced the 9pm to 6am curfew effective for 30 days.  On Friday, after prayers the MB called for a "Day of Rage", so again all of their followers took to the streets.  The military left them to gather here and there all over Cairo, Alex[andria] etc... but warned them that if they attacked any police, military or government buildings that they would be shot at with live ammo.  The military also reminded them and warned them that if they were out after 9pm, they would be shot at.  The idiots defied the curfew and were shot at and then you see footage on the Western media channels of "peaceful protesters" all bloodied.  I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.  They were warned many times.  

The MB and their supporters are not wanted by 85+ percent of the Egyptian population. They had their chance to rule for a year and screwed up.  To the point where 30 million people signed a petition asking Morsi to resign and told him that if he didn't they would gather in Tahrir on June 30th to peacefully demand his resignation, which they did from June 30th to the 3rd of July.  There is a 5 star hotel next to Tahrir, so Amr, his parents (75 and 80 years old) and Zade checked into the hotel to participate in the demonstrations and have a comfortable place to go back and forth from Tahrir from. All ages of Egyptians, all socio-economic levels of society peacefully gathered in Tahrir to demand that Morsi leave.  More people gathered in these demonstration than during the first Revolution calling for Mubarak to leave. During these days, I was getting news from my family in Tahrir.  The Western media channels were not covering this AT ALL - it was quite
 bizarre. When the military finally came in to take Morsi out on July 3rd, (the western media finally started covering it) the majority of the nation was extactic, fireworks going off in the streets, horns honking, everybody (except for the MB supporters which are dwindling down to about 12% of the population) from all levels of society were sooooooooo happy. 

Like I said before, I am completely baffled at how the Western media is covering this story.  But what I am really disappointed in is how Pres. Obama is so on the wrong side of this situation.  How he seems to be supporting Morsi and the MB is simply beyond my comprehension.  I have always been a staunch supporter of Pres. Obama and for the life of me, I can't figure out why he is responding the way he is responding to this situation.  Some people say that he is stuck between a rock and hard place.  1. He can't be seen to support the precedent of the military/PEOPLE overthrowing a democratically elected President.  2. Some people say that the US administration was happy with Morsi, because he was allowing Palestinians to flood into Sinai, thus this made Israel happy and since Israel is America's #1 concern in the Middle East this was the motivation for the US supporting Morsi/MB.  3. Some people say that the US prefers the MB in power because they  know that they will fail miserably which will lead to civil war so as long as Muslims are killing Muslims, it takes the focus off of terrorist plots on the US.  All of these theories seem a bit weak to me, thus I am left scratching my head still as to why Pres. Obama is reacting the way he is. Completely perplexed and disappointed for the first time in him.  And it isn't just him, the British PM, the French, the German administrations are also on the wrong side.

By the way, just saw a picture on FB [Facebook?] posted by one of my friends of some MB protesters holding an El Qaeda flag.  What the hell?  How can the Western leaders be supporting these bearded, fundamentalist, backward, terroristic people?  Just don't get it????

Anyway, this has been a long email.  Thanks again for your concern.  We are safe. Hope all is well with you and the family!!  XOXOXO to everybody.


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