Friday, August 30, 2013

Just My Opinion

I have been watching developments in the middle east for many years. In all these years not a thing has changed. There has been no improvement to anyone's life there, only more misery.

The middle east is the home of at least a dozen Islamic factions, each vowing to kill the other and willing to die while killing them. They delight in killing their neighbors simply to spread their version of Islam in Allah's name. They lay waste to entire regions and blame others for not improving their miserable lives.

Currently there are no less than 7 battles, large and small, occurring there. This has been going on for centuries, so long it has become genetic. Muslims are compelled and taught to kill from birth. They are compelled to kill not just Infidels but other Muslims as well. They use fake cease-fires and 'peace talks' again and again to gain time to re-arm and start the killing all over again.

The groups, factions, and nations in the middle east are constantly switching sides to suit their current whims. There is no logic to it and no real desire to change anything. When they run out of people to kill in one area they simply migrate to the next and start all over again.

My question is why do we bother to interfere with them? It is a gross, unjustified waste of our tax dollars to pretend to try to bring peace in the middle east. It will never happen, ever. Why not let them sort out their own differences. After all, when they are killing each other they are not killing us.

As I write this our President is pondering how to proceed in stopping the fighting, or at least the chemical warfare, in Syria. He has to choose between helping Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood. We are well aware that both terrorist groups are our enemies vowing to kill us any way they can, so what is the point?

Islamic terrorists see any aid we offer as a sign of weakness and stupidity. Anything we do over there is going to cost a billion or two, and it will make absolutely no difference. Why not spend those billions in our own country, protecting our own borders and other real productive programs.

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