Saturday, August 10, 2013

Obama Speech, 8-9-13

Obama Speech: 

If this was the first time I had ever heard him speak I would say, "Wow, what a guy". His sincerity and seeming benevolence is a winner. But, knowing him for these last 5 years warns me that he fits the description of the devil ... a glib likable man who says the things we all want to hear while acting in a directly opposite way.

If his policies and actions truly follow what he promises then why do we continue to go backwards? He is convincing, and watching him speak shows me why his followers are loyal and never question the obvious. We are not better off than when he was elected. We are worse off, as all reports have shown.

His description of Affordable Care sounds utopian and his disbelief that silly Republicans want to trash it is seemingly genuine. What he NEVER says about the plan is how it will be funded and how much it will actually cost the average individual. His only hint at that is to say that 'new products always roll out with some glitches'. Indeed they do.

He called on reporters to ask their pre-submitted questions and thereby avoided answering any embarrassing ones. He was able to prepare his smooth-as-silk replies before hand and recite them without stuttering. One reporter was rebuffed when he told her he 'will not answer policy questions'. Aren't they all somehow policy questions?

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