Sunday, September 08, 2013

World War III

Is there a law that says the President cannot admit a mistake, fix the mistake, and move on to the next thing? Does the law say that when he makes a mistake he must deny the mistake, cover up the mistake, and get his people to research ways to make the mistake disappear? What is the point of all that? It is ridiculous to think he can do all that and somehow save face. He is making it all worse, much worse.

Obama Care is a mistake as costs are escalating daily, Fast and Furious was a mistake in providing weapons to drug cartels, IRS stonewalling non-profit Republicans was a mistake as it is illegal, covering up NSA spying on citizens is a mistake, obfuscating details of Benghazi is a mistake, and his bluff in drawing a red line in Syria was a huge mistake. We now have enemy warships lined up against us because of that. Hiding the facts and shifting the blame again and again will not fix anything, and will make it much worse.

 Thanks to Mr. Obama the world views us as ineffectual, unimportant, and stupid. They have no respect for us whatsoever. One of our most stupid actions is to bequeath billions to our enemies (who vow to someday destroy us) in hopes we can somehow buy their affection. They simply view us as fools because of that, and rightly so. We are actively helping them buy more weapons with which to accomplish their goals.

Many of us are growing weary of him using his charisma to blow smoke in order to institute plans which are destructive to our economy and our freedoms. He has done it so often it is now obvious when another fiasco is on it's way. Sadly there are many objectives initiated by him that will unfold ever so slowly over many years, if we live that long. 

As I write this the Russians, Chinese, and Iranians have warships steaming toward our location in the Mediterranean. This may be the final 'mistake' as there is gathering evidence the gas attacks were by the rebels, not the regime, as Obama has insisted. Sending rockets, under false pretenses, into Syria could easily trigger World War III.

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