Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hoaxed Again ...

President Obama is right, the web site is just a small part of the roll out problem. Eventually, after spending another several million tax payer dollars, the web site might function acceptably.

The worst problem with Obama Care is that it forces people who don't need or want health insurance to buy it anyway under penalty of law. To rub salt in the wound, the insurance premiums thanks to Obama Care, have jumped up, way up. Offering tax payer funded subsidies is a jab in the eye to most of us and a temporary relief for the rest.

Obama Care also forces employers who can't afford to foot the bill for employee insurance to cut back on hiring and cut back employee hours to less than 30. So now Obama Care accomplishes 2 things. (1) It drives up health care premiums without improving health care. (2) It creates job losses in an economy that can afford none.

Now, since the troubling complications are becoming known, both doctors and insurers are opting to steer clear of the program. Some other important facts have come to light. No, you might not be able to keep your current insurance. No, your premium will not likely be the same or less but probably more, very much more.

It is politics as usual. We have been hoaxed again. When are we going to have had enough ?

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