Friday, October 18, 2013

Will Your Party Save Our Country?

Will Your Party Save Our Country?

Whether you are Democrat or Republican, Liberal, Socialist, Conservative or Independent, you probably are convinced that if the other side would just wise up and see it your way we will all be much better off. Debt will disappear and standards of living will rise for all. Peace will reign and abundance will be the norm. Sincere sounding promises have already been made.

Guess what, you are dead wrong.

Both parties have it in their power to create such a utopia now, but choose not to. Politicians on both sides, every damned one of them, are addicted to the perks of the office and see unlimited horizons in their crystal balls. They literally govern by crisis. Each crisis invented and not dealt with lines the pockets of politicians and their cronies. Look around and you will see it's true. Follow the money as it flows uphill.

We are currently and forever have been treated like idiots. About half the population is apathetic and uninformed. They do not care what goes on in DC or their local governments. One half is all it takes. Politicians seem to have found a way to effectively fool all the people all the time. That means we are screwed. No one cares enough to address reality. Main stream media buries or spins issues to show the desired face of it. We don't bother checking the facts, simply accepting them as-is.

Each and every day new laws are passed and enforced taking away our individual freedoms brick by brick. Look it up. Not long from now we will realize we are being governed under some weird Marxist-Leninist- Socialist- Progressive power structure. Cuba will begin to look like a refuge to many.

I don't expect any of you to do anything at all about this situation. My plans are to vacate and forget about trying to save anything. We are watching the most important government of all time fall apart and no one gives a damn. Adios muchachos ...

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