Sunday, November 24, 2013

Foreign Aid: Do You Love Us Yet?

The administration is rather fond of saying that the aid to any well-known hostile country is 'less than 1% of our budget'. Like that makes it meaningless.

1% of our budget comes to 1,000,000% of the average American's income. By law, the powers that be do not have to ask permission to piddle away our income like that, to ship shrink wrapped pallets of $100 bills to governments sworn to kill us in our beds.

Humanitarian aid is a good thing, but 'we' are attempting to bribe those who laugh at us and recognize what fools we are. They realize we are now so impotent we must stoop to huge cash gifts in hopes that will keep the planes away from our landmark buildings.

There is a small but significant movement to halt foreign aid. About damn time too. Our government, if you can call it that, has become farcical, our supposed leaders always promise one thing while delivering another. It has become routine. We need to to stop the bleeding, hold people accountable (by 'people' I mean bureaucrats) and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat one final time.

The president has put so many harmful things in motion it is hard to contemplate. He produces over 4,700 pages of Executive Orders monthly. We will be suffering under his policies for many decades. We must begin now, today, to stop the creeping socialism, the destruction of our economy, the unraveling of our Constitution!

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