Monday, November 11, 2013

Generals Are Completely Fed Up With Obama

ALERT — Retired General: Some In Military Want To ‘Take Out’ Obama From Presidency…

by reasonvoice
I have posted ad nauseum about Obama dismantling our military with every opportunity that avails itself. At last count, over 197 high ranking officers have been fired by Obama. Countless articles highlight the litmus test Obama uses to determine whether an officer gets to keep their job: Are they willing to fire on American citizens? I have posted ad nauseum about the movement of military vehicles all over the country, and the ability for them to be called into action as a police force thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act. 
I have posted ad nauseum about the FEMA camps, and provided links to the specific portions of military manuals that direct military personnel how to round up Americans and put them into determent camps (aka FEMA camps). I have called for the military to please step in arrest Obama, or take him into custody for the crimes he’s committed.
We all know Eric Holder certainly won’t bring Obama to justice, and neither will Obama’s accomplices in the Senate. None of the Senate accomplices are blindly supporting Obama, but rather they are knowingly and willfully violating the Constitution as part of an obvious plot to guarantee the U.S. becomes a one party system IF they maintain the Senate in 2014, and Obama finishes his term. All those Senators involved need to be arrested or taken into custody every bit as much as Obama. 
If there is ANYONE who would have his finger on the whispers going around the military it is retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin. The fact he’s hearing the military WANTS Obama out, but they will not act because the Constitution charges them with being a military under the command of a civilian President is truly scary. Obama has SHREDDED the Constitution. Personally, I believe this is why Obama fired at least 197 officers so far… they were likely the ones who had the stones to do something when he finally crossed the line. Now, the runaway President seems unstoppable. 
A former top general and current executive at the Family Research Council says members of the military have considered staging a coup d’état against president, but will not because of civilian control of the military.
“People I’ve spoken to would like to see the military ‘fulfill their constitutional duty and take out the president,’ ” retired Army Lt. Gen. William Boykin told World Net Daily, a website best known for pushing Obama “birther” conspiracy theories. “Our Constitution puts a civilian in charge of the military and as a result a coup would not be constitutional. You’re not going to see a coup in the military.”
“I talk to a lot of folks who don’t support where Obama is taking the military, but in the military they can’t say anything,” Boykin said.
Boykin, an evangelical Christian who is now the executive vice president of the Family Research Council, was publicly repudiated by President Bush twice in 2003 for saying Muslims worship an “idol” and not “a real God.” Last year, Boykin abruptly pulled out of appearing at a West Point ceremony after controversy erupted over the invitation. (Boykin has also said Islam “should not be protected under the First Amendment” and that there should be “no mosques in America” because “a mosque is an embassy for Islam and they recognize only a global caliphate.”)
Boykin said Obama has purged from the ranks officers who don’t support the president’s “political correctness.” The president’s agenda, including the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” and allowing women to serve in combat, are making the military weaker, Boykin added.
Another former general, retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, bemoaned toWND that today’s military is all “girly-men leadership [and] medals for not shooting and operating a computer.”

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