Monday, November 18, 2013

Obama The Psychological Train Wreck

To understand Obama you need to read a 1943 psychological profile commissioned by OSS (precursor to CIA) published by Professor Walter C. Langer of Harvard University and titled "Inside The Mind Of Adolf Hitler." In his profile which was based on Freudian analysis, Langer made some startling predictions one of which was that, as the war went against Germany Hitler would withdraw into isolation and eventual suicide. Hitler, being a megalomaniac with a grandiose self image could not bear facing the German people amidst the degringolade he had brought on Germany. November 19 is the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg address. Obama claims Lincoln as his favorite president who he loves to quote but he is skipping the ceremony commemorating the address. Is he starting to unravel as Hitler did?
Don't scoff. Hitler had a dysfunctional childhood. So did Obama. He was abandoned by both parents. A child has a strong need to bond with his parents but little Barack never got that chance. That had to leave an important vacuum in his young life causing him to avoid close contact (and the chance for rejection) with people later in life. Obama is known to be unusually aloof, especially for a politician.
Hitler was a neurotic psychopath. Perhaps Obama is a mere psychopath sans the neurosis. He recently said, "I'm getting really good at killing people." What kind of person makes such a statement, especially in public? What president would have said it, Lincoln (Obama's favorite), FDR, Truman, LBJ all of who killed many more people than Obama ever did? This is the utterance of a psychopath, a slip of the mask. Psychopaths are predators and sadists. They enjoy inflicting pain and suffering. They are also malignant narcissists which describes Obama perfectly. Obama is a rejected little boy at war with the world. But Obama is even worse. He is a solipsist who thinks that everyone is only a character in his dream. That is why they are no more important than imaginary toys to him. He feels no attachment to them and owes them no consideration whatsoever. Not even his own family. He can discard them at will. He will bring them all down with him.
Now as even his own party is abandoning him (something which in his worst childhood fears he expects) Obama is beginning to unravel. I see four possibilities for him. First, his party will abandon him and try to force him to abdicate under threat of impeachment (He will never do this. He will go down fighting even if he incites a race war to do it. He will bring the temple down around his ankles.) The second possibility is he will be impeached successfully (not likely). The third possibility is he will be assassinated. This is a distinct possibility There were many attempts on Hitler's life. Obama has made myriad enemies and even his own party is now panicking and on the brink of mutiny. The fourth possibility is he will suicide as Hitler did. He cannot face utter disgrace and rejection. On his suicide Nero said, "What a great artist Rome loses in me." That's Obama, grandiose and narcissistic. Hitler brought down Germany. He almost brought down the whole world. Let's hope Obama doesn't do that to us.

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