Thursday, November 28, 2013

Presidential Swamp Gas

Since 2008 we have had a president who attempts to govern based on idealistic swamp gas. His style is not so much governing as it is demanding. He imagines an end result and commands his minions to 'make it so'. He assumes he can accomplish anything at all simply because he is who he is. The in-depth media coverage of Obama Care, alias the Affordable Care Act, proves this is so. Nothing in the law has proven to be practical or even do-able, yet he and his ever diminishing team insist it will be just fine once a few glitches are ironed out.

The history of his presidency has been a series of outrageous lies, criminal acts, and conspiracies to cover it all up. A normal person would eventually realize this is a bad way to govern and try to do better. But this guy just keeps getting worse.He lives in his own little bubble that some would argue might be a form of mental illness. As I write this the president is effectively throwing his Senate under the bus because he refuses to admit a policy could possibly be wrong. 

Please, nobody stop him.

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