Wednesday, December 25, 2013

More On Global Warming Scam:


[Merry Christmas to my Christian friends. May the G-d we all worship continue to protect us as only He can.]

[Cruel and unusual as it may seem for me to force myself upon you again so soon, I am obsessed with the feeling that we are hurtling toward disaster and our time will run out sooner rather than later.]

[I prefer to start these things with 'I don't know whether to laugh or cry', but this one is so awful I have to say I don't know whether to sob or weep. Or scream. Whatever one thinks of Jonathan Pollard's actions, his punishment has been absurdly disproportionate. Many others, and not just the mentally challenged like me, have concluded his treatment reflects a deep and persistent American anti-Semitism. And the lack of protest by the American Jewish establishment reflects an inherent and persistent insecurity.
Now we are presented with a performance so painfully obvious, and so potentially disastrous:
The American president says no pardon for Pollard is being considered. The gives our spineless prime minister an opportunity to pretend he has a spine. He is, adept poseur, pretending anger and outrage. It was obviously cooked up between the American and Israeli governments some time ago.  The minutely choreographed 'peace process' will soon hit a snag on the removal of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Netanyahu will give in, but only for the return of Pollard. Obama will pretend he was forced by Netanyahu's determination. Most Israelis, willfully blind, will cheer. Hundreds of thousands of us will join the Gush Katif refugees. Another nail will have been driven into our coffin.]

GLOBAL WARMING AND THE TWO-STATE SOLUTION or When Scientific and Political Postulates pretend to be religious dogma, the effect is to make facts, logic and truth irrelevant and turn holy writ into wholly spit by Crazy Moshe

I have just spent an hour scraping ice off the windshield of my car. We are in the midst of the coldest, most sustained winter in 132 years. The past decade has been the coldest in a century. Could any of these be seen as proof that Global Warming is nonsense? Of course not. GW has gone from scientific postulate to religion. GW's proponents have gone from scientists to clergyman, using their positions of power and authority to protect the faith.

An example. Some years ago GW believers announced a symposium to discuss how to protect the endangered polar bears. The acknowledged expert on polar bears was not invited. When he asked why, he was told his presence "would not be helpful". When he persisted, he was told that given his views that there are more polar bears now than ever before, and they are not an endangered species, he was not welcome at the symposium.

By chance or design, GW believers control most levers of power and are able to suppress/ignore/demean all dissent. I recall reading of a young man who applied for a grant to study a heretofore unknown snail. He was informed that his chances of receiving the grant were minimal. But, he was told, if he rephrased his request to 'The effects of global warming on the development of heretofore-unknown-snail' his chances were greatly improved.    

From personal experience, you all know me for the shy, unassuming genius that I am. So I will forgive you if you are unaware that I have been a scientific wunderkind for many years. Not long ago I discovered a previously unknown species of slug. This creature simply goes round and round in a circle until it dies of exhaustion. I wrote a learned dissertation on the creature, which I modestly named Sluggonis Stupidicus Sapersteinius, and sent it off to the renowned Bulgarian Journal of Pseudo-Science. Only to be told that unless I made GW a part of my dissertation, it would not be printed.

Just as Global Warming has become a religion, with dedicated defenders/protectors of the faith, so has the Two-State Solution. Far better writers than I, writers whose logical and orderly minds are impeccable, have shredded the advocates of the Two-State Solution. To little avail. Moshe Dann, Carolyn Glick, Martin Sherman, Evelyn Gordon, Yehudit Tayar, Helen Freedman, to name just a few, have done it so much better than I ever could. Please, look them up.

[Finally…. Several of you have asked me to discuss BDS. I assumed you meant Boycott/Divest/Sanctions. Until I learned that BDS, for you, meant Brain Dead Saperstein. The rest, until next time, is silence.]

-Moshe Saperstein

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