Friday, December 13, 2013

You Voted For Him, This Is What You Get

In the Obama administration no one ever gets fired or disciplined. They might change posts but that's about it. The most outrageous acts, like Fast and Furious gun running by the DOJ, or targeting conservatives by the IRS for additional scrutiny, or attempting to cover up the lack of support in Benghazi are denied, stonewalled, obfuscated, and outright lied about. No one is ever to blame. No one is accountable. We watch the parade of likely suspects pass before the congressional hearings, then slither off into the past, forgotten.

What this should point out to even the most casual observer is that the Obama administration has a definite agenda. These are the acts of sabotage, not random mistakes or a loose cannon here and there. These are actions meant to weaken the country as a whole. There are far too many of these similarities to assume it is random bad judgement. The DHS and IRS now have unprecedented power and the means in military hardware to enforce it, while certain unsupportive Generals are being systematically 'retired'. Courts in Washington DC are being 'stacked' with Obama supporters. What's going on?

Where is he taking the country? Does he have everyone fooled? Will we awaken one morning to find we are one step from being a third-world country? To accomplish that all is needed is to weaken our economy while pretending everything is fine. This is being accomplished slowly but surely. The Fed is printing and spending $85 Billion each month on T-Bills. The money is supposed to wind up with banks, who are supposed to invest that money by making loans to companies and individuals. But they are sitting on it, piling it up in their vaults, just waiting. Never mind that the dollars are backed by nothing.

The Fed cannot keep this up for long. The Fed desires to taper off these QE (Quantitative Easing) payments. But we see what happens if they so much as hint the donations will stop. The stock market falls. Damned if they do, and damned if they don't. It is not hard to imagine the sequence of falling dominoes in our future.

The choices for each individual citizen will be hard. You will need water, food and shelter. The government will provide nothing. Municipal services will fail. Hope and Change are upon us. As Chief Justice John Roberts said, 'You voted for him and this is what you get'.

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