Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Global Hoax

Al Gore's team of 'scientists', through selective sampling, have determined that over a period of about 50 years the earth's average temperature has risen 0.5 degrees celsius.
They further concluded that the cause of this rapid rise is human produced carbon dioxide. Mr Gore has proposed that a tax on carbon will stop the rise of carbon dioxide and save mankind. Never mind that volcanoes and other natural phenomenon contribute about 800 million times more carbon dioxide than humans, or that more trees would do a better job of lowering carbon dioxide levels than a government tax could ever hope to accomplish.

A cursory examination of this plan by Gore and many other left wing doofuses reveals that it is simply another hoax on the country, another plot to extract cash from those who cannot afford to pay it. It is no surprise that they have the UN on board with the idea. The UN has become yet another top-heavy greed machine which has morphed into the opposite of it's intended purpose, to help mankind.

Remember the 'hole in the ozone'? They couldn't figure out a way to tax that, so it went away.

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