Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Lessons From Golda

            From Yesterday’s Golda to Today’s Eunuchs   ~     Prof. Paul Eidelberg

         Remember the witticism about Golda Meir, that she was the only man in Israel’s Cabinet?  Well, it has become obvious that Israel’s Cabinet needs another Golda.

Golda was once asked, “What would you give the Arabs for peace?"  She replied, "For peace I would give peace.  Is our peace less valuable than their peace?"

Golda was a realist. She wrote in her memoirs:
I have never doubted for an instant that the true aim of the Arab states has always been, and still is, the total destruction of the State of Israel, or that even if we had gone back far beyond the 1967 lines to some miniature enclave, they would not still have tried to eradicate it and us.... It is our duty to realize this truth ... We need to [face] this truth in all its gravity, so that we may continue to mobilize from among ourselves and the Jewish people all the resources necessary to overcome our enemies.

       Golda was also a mother figure; she cared for the Jewish people. Contrast this with Shimon Peres, when, in a February 2, 1993 radio interview, he was asked about the fate of Jewish settlers on the Golan Heights if the Heights were surrendered to Syria.  And he replied, "I don't see what's wrong with this.  Just as there are Arabs living under Jewish rule, so there will be Jews living under Syrian rule."

         It seems that PM Netanyahu has metamorphosed into a disciple of Peres’, displaying the moral equivalency that exposes his Leftist sympathies and anemic senility, while conveying the amoral and callous idea of Jews living under Arab rule in Judea and Samaria. He seems to have succumbed to John Kerry’s see-no-evil / hear-no-evil scheme of a Palestinian State in the heartland of the Jewish people. If this is, indeed, a White House agenda, the 330,000 Jews in Judea and Samaria would be well advised not to wait for the axe to fall.

       The first thing they might do is press the Netanyahu government to declare Kerry persona non grata for all but encouraging – instead of denouncing – international boycotts of Israel, as threatened, for example, by European Banks.

         Is Kerry simply an ignoramus oblivious of the relentless Islamic-driven hatred of Israel’s Palestinian enemies? Is he truly unmindful of the generations of Arab children who have been taught to hate Jews and emulate suicide bombers? Whether living in denial or not, Kerry should be regarded as an enemy of the Jewish people and treated as such. It is not enough to accuse this Secretary of State of Messianism, a la Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon. It is prudent to assume that he is not deaf and blind regarding the murderous “peace process,” however much it has been sanctified by serial liars.

         On the other hand, since Yaalon accused Kerry of Messianism regarding that “peace process,” what are we to say of the Messianism of PM Netanyahu, who endorsed a Palestinian state on June 14, 2009?

         Of course, Yaalon is a good soldier and cannot impugn his superior. As a good soldier, he dutifully obeyed his government’s order to expel the Jews from Gaza to facilitate the “peace process.” Never mind that Gaza is now called “Hamasland,” thanks to the tin soldiers that committed that nameless crime. Let us therefore spell Yaalon backwards and fantasize about what he might do.

         This imaginary general would be a little conscience stricken about the Gaza expulsion that traumatized and wrecked the lives of 8,000 Jewish men, women, and children, and which the late Benzion Netanyahu called a “crime.” He would want to redeem himself. Accordingly, he would resign from the government and lead a popular movement against a Palestinian state, for he knows it could only lead to Israel’s demise. He would then hold a national press conference and graphically indicate that the Netanyahu-Kerry position on Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria dooms Israel.

         This Yaalon would possess the manliness for such an undertaking. He would enlist the cooperation of Gen. Aharon Ze'evi-Farkash, former Director of Israeli Military Intelligence; Gen. Yaakov Amidror, former Secretary of the Minister of Defense; and of former Shin Director Diskin.  These stouthearted men opposed the Gaza withdrawal and warned that it would become an incitement to more widespread and more lethal terrorism.

         As I dream on, perhaps these heroic figures would call for a national referendum on Netanyahu’s Messianic vision. Is it beyond reason to imagine a Palestinian state in which the disciples of Muhammad live in genuine peace with Jewish infidels?  Surely, it is not delusionary to believe that these patriotic men would merely mark time while Jerusalem is surrendered to the sworn enemies of the Jewish people. Surely these men possess as much manliness as Golda, that they can’t be dismissed as mere eunuchs of Bibi?☼

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