Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A Friendly Reminder

Dear Dreamy-eyed Liberal,

By now you might have discovered you have been duped. Putting your faith in Obama and Reid didn't quite work out like they said. Obama Care is not free at all, it actually costs more than if you bought real insurance.

They promised you that to get your vote so they would have the power to raise taxes again. They never intended to hand out the free stuff at all. Just wanted your vote, that's all. 

And the food stamps you have been so fond of are now being reduced to a minimum. They bought your vote with those too. Easy to buy votes with other people's money. But other people's money eventually runs out.

After elections the unemployment extension will run out too. Maybe if you vote 2 or 3 times you will get it back ... but I doubt it. There are limits to everything, especially free stuff.

Yep, the self-destruct ride is over, y'all. Liberal 'leadership', if you can call it that, is at an end. Liberals have collapsed Detroit yet no one gets a clue. Sacramento and San Francisco will be next. Chicago has months to go. Still no one gets a clue. The only way to keep things rolling is to raise taxes and fees, and no one gets a clue.

So, keep voting for liberals, get all the free stuff you can. At some point you might just realize the free stuff is the most expensive stuff you ever had.

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