Thursday, April 10, 2014

Explore The Issues Before Vote, Not After

The glib and confident politician waves his hand in the air. "All you out there deserve all the finer things in life. You all deserve a better home, food on the table, money to spend and a decent job."

He implies that a vote for him will get you all these things simply by virtue of your living in this country. You don't have to earn anything because a simple vote will do it.

His method for getting you all these things is simple too. Once elected he will tax the rich and give to the poor. The man or woman who paid for an education that enabled him or her to find a better job which led to the creation of a company or promotion to CEO has no other duty, according to this liberal nut job, than to fork over more and more taxes and fees in order to give an inept under-achiever free everything.

This is an extremely short sighted philosophy but this politician and his types really don't care. The base reason for lying to his constituents is to secure his own wealth and future. He can rely on his base to be under informed and needy. He can be certain that by promoting distrust of corporations he will get the vote that hopes to topple the corporate structure and transfer the wealth to him. 

Yes, it is crazy, but it always gets him what he wants in the short term. He cares nothing about your long term needs. The cycle repeats every election cycle or two. Lying liberal promises win out over conservative long term growth. Then voters become aware of the lies that got the liberals elected and switch over to better candidates.

The switch will be made this coming fall. Somehow the switch needs to be made permanent. Otherwise we may be done for. Obama's pen and telephone have already done so much damage that it will take 16 years to correct it all.

Dear Citizen, educate yourself and for God's sake, VOTE!

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