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A Real Common Sense Immigration Solution

Illegal Immigration—How to Solve the Problem

Prior generations of new Americans entered New York Harbor and found themselves at Ellis Island when attempting to immigrate to America. Many of these people recalled fondly of their experience at Ellis Island, and without it, America has a tangled, ugly immigration mess.

Following is a proposal for several Ellis Islands within our borders:

Using de-commissioned military bases, people wishing to immigrate to the United States could be sent fairly close to the region in which they eventually wish to settle.

While some of these bases are in disrepair, many are not. Either way, using civilians to work to repair, clean, and ready these facilities could quickly bring them up to a usable level.

We know Illegal Immigrants from Mexico are using coyotes at great cost to them, often ending in disaster. Worse, good people are forced to ferry drugs to the USA and murdered if they lose their “loads” when they’re forced back into Mexico—or if they manage to avoid deportation, cartel members will kill them on our streets—neither of which is a good option.

Here’s how the New Ellis Island(s) would function as “closed bases” for Hopeful Immigrants.

1. Each base would be a closed base, meaning once a Hopeful Immigrant (HI) agrees to participate, he/she/family agree to stay at the base until the following criteria are met.

a) HI’s will be thoroughly back ground checked for criminal activities. Minor law infractions when the HI was “young and stupid” can and should be overlooked. Serious crime such as drug trafficking, rape, murder, etc. can not be tolerated and HI along with family members will be deported and not allowed re-entry.

b) HI’s will pay cost plus 10% for the privilege of using these facilities to gain lawful entry into the USA. This cost should be lower than the cost of hiring a coyote, which has been reported at $10,000 per person in many cases.

c) HI’s will learn English, not to be “unfair” to the individual, but to give HI’s a solid chance at achieving maximum earning potential after HI has become a proud citizen of the USA

d) HI’s will learn the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of the United States of America, as well as American history, not the way it is taught in schools today, but through the books written by the Founding Fathers instead. Local historians may relish the thought of sharing their knowledge, and the true history of the USA with HI’s.

e) HI’s without a trade will be able to learn a good trade through outreach programs and classroom experience taught by volunteer’s who work in said trade. As there is a shortage of machinists and surveyors, as well as other trades in shortage of good employees, Americans of good heart could be convinced to volunteer time, perhaps with small payment stipend for transportation to these Ellis Islands to teach.

f) American chefs could supply necessary meals for HI’s and could also teach HI’s to cook at the same time—providing them with yet another opportunity for future employment.

d) Medical staff for HI’s could be recruited for a stipend to attend to health needs of HI’s while they’re undergoing the process of immigration.

e) At the completion of the above, HI’s must (if physically able) sign up for 2 years of Military Service; whether male or female, however, those with young children may be exempt for a time.

f) HI’s would be welcomed to participate, gain citizenship and enjoy the USA, however if any of the above are violated, the HI would be required to return to their home country. This is not to imply a “police state” for HI’s, but to ensure HI’s go through necessary and correct channels to improve their quality of life once citizenship is achieved. Staying “on campus” would be enforced not only for HI’s safety, but as a necessary component of citizenship.

g) HI’s will take Oath of Citizenship at the Ellis Island Campus which housed them, unless there is a close alternative which doesn’t impart cost the facility or the HI.

h) Finally, upon obtaining citizenship of the USA, HI’s, after learning English and a trade or skill, will be furnished with job seeking information, a stipend to get them started for housing/food upon obtaining employment, which is to be repaid to the Ellis Island facility from which they took the oath of citizenship.

I respectfully submit this for your consideration.

Chris Landrum

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