Monday, August 18, 2014

What Cease Fire?

NONE  SO  BLIND…  by One-Eyed Moshe

As I begin this, 3am Monday, 11.8.14, the thud of rockets exploding around us is constant. According to news reports a cease fire is in effect. You choose. Is the media lying? Am I telling the truth?
We have lost. And like all losers who are not forced to parade with a white flag of surrender, we declare that we have won. And those who defeated us – not militarily, but in the all-important area of the world's perception – are using the time-honored practice of urinating on us in celebration of their victory. And we losers pretend it's just a slight drizzle. And when the drizzle continues, like the Englishman in the theatre who was being whizzed upon by someone in the balcony above, we whine "I say, old chap, could you wobble it a bit?"
That is what is happening now with the on-again off-again cease fires, where we accept some of their demands, then some more, then some more, while they accept none of our terms. Indeed, we congratulate ourselves on how tough we are. In the first hours of the latest cease fire our area was brutally rocketed. HamAss claimed it was not responsible. My extensive research has shown the two groups claiming credit for the attacks are Martian Munchkins for Muhammad and Malevolent Marsupials for Muhammad. We pretended nothing serious has happened.  Pathetic losers.

Worse than pathetic losers. On all three local tv stations the leftist media rules the roost. Leftists politicians, leftist Empty Talking Heads, Arab citizens of Israel weeping over the suffering of their Gaza brethren, and the occasional right-winger who is mocked and drowned out by the wailing sufferers. If all these stations were to disappear, we would at least have the much more trustworthy al-Jazeera…
Those of you living abroad have no conception of the degree to which the collaborators with our enemies control discussion here. Tamar's Oshri recently published JIHAD IN PALESTINE. It was reviewed by a group called Puerile Professors for Peace with Palestine [PeePees]. After raving about the brilliant scholarship, the accuracy of the translations from Arabic, etc, the PeePees conclude that the book cannot be recommended. The author sees no prospect of peace with our neighbors in the foreseeable future, they declare, choosing a view of Israel as Sparta, while we PeePees view Israel as democratic, peace-lovingAthens. [I trust you are not among those who believe the nonsense that Athens was peace-loving and democratic. Athens had much in common with Socialist Israel: If you share our views, you are peace-loving and entitled to the protection of democracy; if you oppose our views you are, by definition, racist/fascist/religious and not entitled to the protection of democracy.]    This Sparta/Athens theme is a media constant, especially among those who argue that B. Hussein Obama is the best friend we have ever had and has pledged to protect us, so there is no need to maintain a strong military. Pathetic losers.

A very fine and intelligent gentleman who works tirelessly to protect Israel's reputation, and whom I admire enormously, chastised me for inappropriate humor in these serious times. He suggested I aid him in his work, and when I failed to respond he said I was just kicking the can down the road which, if I understand properly, means shirking my duty.                        
He is probably right. But my can is very rusty, already half crushed, and nearly empty. And there is no road that I can see. Before us lies only disaster. Whether it is two days, or two weeks, or two months, or two years, doom awaits. Talk to people here. No sense of relief that the shooting may stop. Only a sense of despair that our fortitude in the face of endless rocket fire will be rewarded by a pause in which HamAss prepares the final blow.
Forgive me for repeating myself, but I pray with every fibre of my being that my despair is not the result of clarity of vision, but of the blindness of bitterness and worry over my children and grandchildren. We know He is All Merciful. May our generation witness that mercy.

[The fun never stops: You may recall we were burglarized and our car stolen about six months ago. We were robbed again over Shabbat. I was up at 4:30am, arguing with the Lord, then morning prayers in the house, then Cheerios and back to bed by 6. When Rachel awoke at 7:30 she saw the door to the garden wide open, plus some furniture re-arranged. What was taken was her jewelry, watch, earrings. We are both in shock. What is fascinating about her misery is that it is less for the jewelry than for the simple small ceramic bowl in which the jewelry was kept. Rachel had purchased it during a trip to Romania, in the Transylvanian town where her parents had lived. I now recall that when our car was stolen, I was more upset about the loss of compact discs than about the car.
The police have been here several times today, and we were told we were part of a spate of Shabbat thefts that included cars, tvs, computers, etc. So I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky, though my heart breaks for Rachel. With every cent allocated to the new house, replacing the stolen items is quite problematic. But we have been through worse.]

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