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Blogging the Muslim Mind

Blogging the Muslim's mind - 1
By ibn Misr on December 30, 2007 10:07 AM

Before getting deeper into our Islamic studies here to expose what we announced in the 1st posting “Mohammad and his followers call us apes and pigs “, we will explain for those who are not experienced in understanding and getting in the mind of a Muslim, how to engage Muslims in very casual discussions and ask them questions about Islam that not only they wouldn’t be able to answer, but it will destroy every one of their claims and show them that their own logic and the teachings they believe in is not only full of contradictions and corrupted but actually causing them to be the 1st victims of their own deceptive belief’s.

In the process you will learn, no matter how much is your knowledge of Islam is now, not only the “academic” Islam for dummies, but this study will help you decipher the coded Islam that is so much used by Muslims. Especially the ones living in the West, whether it’s an individual or Muslim organization like CAIR. The other important benefit is to give you some guidelines that will allow you to get a better grasp on everything we post here, and unable you to see through the mind of a Muslim as we do, then you'll understand why Muslims act the way they do, and what's behind their every move.

Many that are considered Western scholars, historians and pundits in Islam may be very knowledgeable in the “academic” Islam and Islamic history, but unfortunately don’t grasp these very important and essential nuances unless they were native and lived for many years in an Islamic country.

I debated Muslims from everywhere almost daily for many years, and still do. So all what you’ll get here is from a practical experience.

I will start by giving you the1st rule of thumb that is essential when talking to a Muslim, we call it the 3 “S” basic formulas and it stands for:

Short, Sharp, Shock… Yes, be very suave but bold, never be intimidated and make sure to let him or her know who's superior.... Muslims need badly that shock.

Exactly like the doctor administering the his patient the electric shock to resuscitate him . Never feel embarrassed even with Muslims that you care about ... Always keep in mind, that close Muslim friends, co-workers, or the one sitting next to you on an airplane, train, subway, or even a convenience store or gas station owners where you shop and whoever you can talk to, is never embarrassed to tell you that your bible (New and Old Testament) is corrupted, your Jesus and Moses are 2nd class prophets, Christianity and Judaism are abrogated religions, Islam is the religion of truth and the fastest growing and yours is declining, he doesn’t apologize to you for his Mohammad calling you sons of apes and pigs, he doesn’t apologize either for calling you kaffer which in Islamic popular understanding equals pigs and dogs .. There is many other offensive things that we’ll expose and destroy. Muslims are the people that institutionalized offending all other people and the best we can do to them is to bring them to reality, more so if you care about them ..Then you have to be the doctor that tells the patient the truth and tell him how bad his case is ..

The 2nd equally rule of thumb, for it has been not only fundamental, but the corner stone of the whole Islamic deception (they teach it to them in mosques):

Never swallow the RUSE used by every single Muslim when you question about Islam. Especially, their Sheikh's, Imams, officials and the representatives of their organizations. And that is letting him or her get off the hook by falling into his or her diversion which consists of dragging you into Christianity or Judaism whether on the pretense of showing similarities, comparisons or outright accusations and defamation.

Let me explain how important this rule is. When you follow our postings as we go forward, you will know, with ample proofs (from their own books) and without the slightest shadow of a doubt, that Islam have nothing to stand on. Except some paganistic rituals, sexual promiscuity (ever wondered why a Muslim’s life is centered on sex, treating women as sexual object and the sexual orgy they’re longing for in the afterlife), Mohammad’s debauchery and his teachings on how to attack, rob, abduct women and enslave people.That’s the summary of Islam. Besides that, Islam have neither a spiritual or moral code governing the conduct of human affairs. In other words there is nothing else that Islam stands on.

For that reason, and to keep Islam on life support and standing like a corpse on artificial limps, Islamic religious authorities, without exception and all along the 14 centuries of Islam, used the Ruse of justifying Islam by, attacking Christianity, Judaism and prohibit the reading or possession (not of playboy or porn magazines) of the Bible by Muslims.There are no Friday sermons in all Islamic countries (without exception) that don’t include the usual load of dirt and all their Allah’s curses on Christianity, and the kaffers(Christians and Jews), the sons of apes and pigs (not Judaism, since they know it’s not a missionary religion and they don’t fear Muslim conversions to Judaism). To a lesser extent, in the West they limit themselves (knowing they’re on candid camera and monitored) to negative coded criticism.

Here is an easy exercise for you. Watch any Muslim being questioned on matters relating to Islam on TV and see for yourself how many times he would refer to Christianity or Judaism or using the general term of “this is in all religions” to dodge the questions.

So when you’re discussing Islam with a Muslim you have to remember it’s like trying to catch fish in the sea by hand (but we’ll give you the net to use), and as soon you ask him about Islam he will try to run away as fast as he can to Christianity and the Bible.Then you should know that he’s cornered and you should drag him back to Islam. I’ll tell you how latter in the guidelines.

A Muslim could be (Takia oblige) the most decent, charming, friendly, helpful, funniest, socialite, peaceful, good mannered, knowledgeable whether professionally or on many other topics, educated and many other attributes that I may have skipped. But when the discussion touch on Islam, then you have to realize that you’re not talking to a rational person at all no matter if he have all the PhD’s in the world. Islam is a brain eraser. No one with a sound rational mind would believe the nonsense, immoralities and contradictions in Islam, let alone being proud of the most dishonorable and criminal life of Mohammad, and continue believing in him. Calling him the most “honorable” of all prophets.

A Muslim is fed since his birth, to the point of bursting, that he’s a member of the most privileged and best people of all creation ever produced by Allah. "Koran 3:110 Ye are the best of Peoples, evolved for mankind”. Coupled with being injected (also to the point of bursting) with the inferiority of all other people especially Christians and Jews the sons of apes and pigs.

For more than 14 centuries, the failing, backward and for the majority completely bankrupted (literally on every level) Islamic societies and (gangsters) rulers had nothing to offer their populations other than misery and desperation with no hope for a better life (in this world). To compensate for their shortcomings, they drilled in the Muslim brain that belief of superiority, and filled him with Islam 24/7/365 to feed his (false) pride short of feeding his stomach and convinced him that if Allah allowed Christian, Jews and Westerners to prosper it’s only so he can plunder them “ Koran 33:27 And He made you heirs of their lands, their houses, and their goods (money), and of a land which ye had not frequented (Before).”

Now, once the discussion is engaged, you have to never let him or her get the upper hand out of concern of offending them. Do it with with a smile.

Muslims offend you all day long, especially when addressing Christians, and they don’t even shy from doing it publicly and openly. They give it to you straight in the face without having the slightest consideration to your feelings. You have to pay them back, at least, with a double dose.

Let me give you an example here just for a hint on how your attitude should be, and how to keep him or her where you want them to be. We’ll go into much more than that when we get to “the questions and answers with a Muslim.”

This is a classic one he’ll hit it with in the first minutes of the conversation, to put you off balance, stir the conversation away from Islam to Christianity or Judaism if you’re Jewish. Put you on the defensive and position himself comfortably in the driver seat to make you feel his or her assurance of superiority, “a Muslim should believe in the original Bible, New Testament and the Torah that were revealed to Jesus and Moses. But the Bible that you have now has been corrupted. The proof is the different Bibles you have. That’s why Allah revealed the Koran to Mohammad and promised to keep it from corruption. And since then, Muslims have the exact same and only Koran all over the world”

Your answer:

First, I have no problem with your thinking that the Bible is corrupted. I don’t want to convert you to Christianity and you won’t hear me even mentioning it, so let’s completely forget about the Bible. Besides, why talk about a corrupted book, I'm more curious about the religion of truth. But from what I read in your own Islamic sources it seems that the Koran is not only corrupted but fabricated.

It says that Osman (the 3rd Caliph) burned 26 Korans including Mohammad’s Koran. So there was more than one Koran, otherwise why would he burn them if they’re the same? And how could you tell that it’s not one of the 26 burned that would’ve been the correct Koran. Then he ordered 4 people to write a new Koran. That’s why it is called Osman’s Koran which is kept in Topkapi’s Museum in Istanbul, and it is not even punctuated, so it’s not even like the one you have now, since no one can read Arabic without punctuations. Assuming the Koran came from Allah, why he sent it incomplete without punctuations and let it be done by human intervention, couldn't he finish the job? Arabs say that one dot in punctuation can change dramatically the meaning of words, how can we be assured that a fly didn’t rest on the papers, while they were writing the Koran, and left a dot? Don’t you say that when Allah revealed the Koran to Mohammad it was written on bones and goat's skin, where are those bones and goat's skin? Why Allah didn’t preserve them? Ancient Egyptians date back thousands of years before Mohammad, and we still have their original work on stones, papyrus, wood, sarcophagus, temple walls, Pyaramids and many other things. Doesn’t that mean that the god of the Ancient Egyptians is more capable of preserving his scripture than the Allah of Islam? Besides the fact that the Koran you have now don’t have any source to it that is identical, which mean its fabricated from nothing, with no pedigree, your claim that it’s the same Koran all over the world, (which also is not true but we’ll not discuss that now) you should give the credit to the printing technology of the kaffers that can print unlimited numbers of the same copy. Newsweek, Time magazine and playboy are also the same copies all over the world. Would that mean that Allah preserved them from corruptions? Does that make them the word of Allah? Trillions of dollar bills are the same all over the world, is it Allah that made the dollar and preserved it from being changed? … [We’ll stop our here for our example]

With only those few short .. sharp .. shocks … You shattered not only his claims, but you trashed his own Koran, you burst his superiority balloon and brought him down from his seventh heaven with no parachute and sent him running for cover... Even if you’re debating the Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar in Cairo Egypt…and the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia, none of them can deny those facts... btw .. We debated Sheikh's and Imams and they all ran for cover too ..

An experienced debater with Muslims wouldn’t have any problem to turn the claim of corruption of the Bible against him and shoot the Koran point blank with it, by showing him how he’s the one trashing his own Koran with that claim. Giving him the proof from the Koran itself. Since Mohammad himself testified to the authenticity and the preservation of the Bible, Old and New testament, in many quotations(Mohammad spoke well of the Bible to court the Christians and Jews). We can provide more proofs to show that the Bible is the book that have the biggest amount of original manuscripts that is never matched by the number of manuscripts for any other book in history with 24000 original manuscripts. There are many other questions that a Muslim can’t answer. Like, what proof you have for the corruption of the Bible? How did you know it’s corrupted, can you show the uncorrupted version to compare it with? When was it corrupted, before, during or after Mohammad? Who corrupted it, the Jews or Christians or they both conspired together? What verses were corrupted? How all the Bibles were collected from all over the world to corrupt them?... etc .. etc .. None of these questions a Muslim would be able to answer.

I just wanted to show you how we can use every Muslim’s (false) claim to corner him with it. The more a Muslim talks, the more he exposes himself. That could be reached, like anything else, with more practice in debating Muslims and deeper knowledge in both, the Bible and the Koran. But for now, we will stick to the strategy we stated above, not to let you be diverted into questions other than Islam since. Use their accusations for the Bible to make them focus on the Koran and Islam.

As for the Koran, there is still so much more to destroy that it would take a bulldozer to clean up the debris. Like showing the contradictions, the long list of errors, the abrogated quotations. Do the preserved tablets of the Koran in the possession of Allah include the abrogated verses or not? Where are the missing quotations? How about the meaningless quotations that no one understands? What about the plagiarism from different sources? How Allah who promised to preserve the Koran allows a goat to eat part of it under the bed of Mohammad? How come the most holy book of Allah's revelation would be stored under the bed of Mohammad? … Yes .. You heard that right … You can tell Muslims that Allah preserved the Koran... in the stomach of a goat …

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