Saturday, December 29, 2007

Duncan Hunter Wake Up !

Greetings Duncan,

I would like to help. I think you are the only candidate on either side who addresses and has solutions for the most pressing issues of our time. You are also the only candidate on either side who has actually done more than just talk. In short, at this point you have my vote. This, in spite of having been a Democrat since 1958.

But honestly, your newsletter below really sucks. It looks like no one is really trying. First of all it always lands in my spam folder. Many folks have their spam automatically deleted. I suggest you find a way to fix that.

Next, the body of your newsletter asks for volunteers and contributions. That's fine, but I would like to see some updates on 'what have you done for me lately'. This is politics not a damned social group where we know all about each other. Get Serious or you will Fail!

Last, are those Gmail addresses down there ? If you built any credibility in the header or the body you flushed it right there. Everyone knows that Gmail is for people who don't even want to check their email. Besides that, Google is probably monitoring everything in and out of your email folders.

Listen man, I want you to win, not just be some statistic in this race. I want you to take charge and stop illegals and bring an end to the money pit that Dubya has dug for us. This country needs real changes and the average voter is catching on to the business as usual mindset on the hill.

I don't know if you have noticed, but millions of voters are switching to registered Independents from both sides. This may be the beginning of the end for organized political parties. Don't laugh, we are fed up. You can no longer count on the apathetic voter to automatically vote you in!

If you want help with this newsletter, which is your only personal contact, I can recommend a few professional writers who believe in you and would be happy to help.

You are circling the drain ...


It's crunch time in Iowa and
can make the difference!

Attention Iowa residents and grassroots supporters of Duncan Hunter!

It's crunch time!

The Iowa caucus is fast approaching - only 5 days away!

We believe the grassroots folks - YOU - can make THE difference!

Many people have not yet decided who they will vote for - and many won't decide until they step into the voting booth!

What we are asking everyone in or near Iowa to do is simple!

Contact your Iowa State Director for the Hunter Campaign as soon as you can and ask for a stack of brochures - their contact information is below.

Then, on Jan 3rd, after you have placed your vote for Duncan Hunter, go outside your polling place, stand 100 feet from the doors, and pass out the brochures to voters who are coming in!

We need representation at all of the caucus sites! Will YOU step up and be the one to make a difference in your area?

Like I said, many have not decided yet and YOU can make the difference just by showing them that support for Duncan Hunter is building - and letting them know where he stands on the issues important to YOU and to them.

It won't take much of your time - and you're going to be at the polling place already.

Get a couple hundred brochures and pass them out. Answer questions about Duncan Hunter. Wear a Duncan Hunter button, t-shirt, hat, or sticker.

We also need volunteers who are willing to speak at the caucus sites on behalf of Duncan Hunter! If you want to speak contact the state directors listed below and provide your name, city, county, site and precinct.

Just get the word out! We're counting on YOU!

To get brochures or volunteer please contact Greg at, Tim at, or Sean at

As always, thanks for your support!

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