Friday, April 13, 2012

Sheriff Joe Under Seige

Sheriff Joe Under Seige!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is under siege by the Obama administration.

Obama has joined forces with George Soros and “La Raza” – not to mention the ENTIRE Leftwing liberal political establishment – in a multi-million dollar smear campaign to DESTROY AND DISCREDIT Sheriff Joe, “America’s Toughest Sheriff” solely for doing his job and doing it well.

And to top it all off, they are spending millions of YOUR tax dollars to do it!

Already, federal bureaucrats handpicked by this administration are working as “monitors” in Sheriff Joe’s Maricopa County office to stop him from enforcing immigration law.

More than anything else, the Spender-in-Chief wants to stop Sheriff Joe from continuing the Cold Case Posse investigation of his Constitutional eligibility to be President – an investigation which has already unearthed ‘probable cause’ and evidence of a systemic effort to cover-up and conceal information surrounding Barack Hussein Obama’s alleged citizenship.

Radical amnesty fanatics just held a protest demanding that the federal government step in and strip Sheriff Joe of his badge – Obama’s buddy George Soros even pledged $10 million to defeat Sheriff Joe for reelection!

We know Obama’s utter failure to reign in HIS out-of-control spending has left you broke as gas prices continue to soar right along with the cost of groceries. And let’s not forget, many of us will be forking over OUR hard-earned dollars to Uncle Sam this coming Tuesday to pay for Obama’s nanny-state and welfare for the 12 million illegal immigrants whose fraudulent votes he’s depending on for reelection.

Time and time again YOU have rallied to defeat illegal immigration by fighting to secure our borders and defeat backdoor amnesty. You have supported patriots running for office and held them accountable for sticking to their guns when it comes enforcing our immigration laws. Now, we're asking you to rally for Sheriff Joe.

Make no mistake: Your decision to support Sheriff Joe WILL determine whether he wins or loses the upcoming re-election for Sheriff.

We know you are broke. Obama has made sure of that. We know you are sick and tired of the career politicians reciting pretty speeches about securing the borders only to turn a blind-eye once they had your vote.

But Sheriff Joe is no career politician, and unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Sheriff Joe listens to the AMERICAN people – U.S. Citizens, the folks, you and me.

Sheriff Joe is “public enemy number one” to this administration and Hypocrite Holder’s U.S. Justice Department – because he refuses to watch illegal immigration destroy our country, and despite the White House’s relentless pressure and smear campaigns against him, Sheriff Joe has not and will not back down.

Sheriff Joe is in the fight of his life, and he’s fighting it for us.

Now, we must fight for him.

Barack Obama and the Department of Justice are bringing lawsuit after lawsuit against America’s Toughest Sheriff. They’ve conspired to place Sheriff Joe’s office in a type of federal “receivership” – essentially stripping Sheriff Joe of his power and flooding his office with Obama’s mindless minions straight from bureaucratic Washington – all so they can stop Sheriff Joe’s crackdown on illegal immigration in its tracks! Obama’s public relations team has even touted their efforts against Sheriff Joes as ones made to protect the ‘civil rights’ of illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Joe needs your help, and he needs it now. Please, make the most generous contribution you can possibly afford to defend Sheriff Joe from Obama’s vindictive smear machine! Millions of dollars of warped, hate-filled ads are going to bombard Maricopa County as the Leftwing prepares to do whatever it takes to defeat Sheriff Joe.

We need to be able to fight back with ads of our own. We need to be able to stand alongside Sheriff Joe and take down this administration once and for all.

NO ONE in the mainstream media is reporting the White House’s behind-the-scenes battle preparations as they ready for the most high-stakes election – an election of unparalleled importance when it comes to battling illegal immigration. You see, Maricopa County Arizona is THE busiest drug- and human-trafficking corridor along the U.S.-Mexico border. If we can stem the flow of illegal immigration there, and continue enforcing the zero-tolerance policy when it comes to illegal immigration, we have taken back the upperhand and we have a chance to take back our country.

Sheriff Joe and his fellow officers are our only hope to secure the border and enforce OUR laws – not Mexico’s, not the United Nations’, and certainly not Obama’s warped interpretation of them – but the ones written in the books that declare those who illegally enter our country to be CRIMINALS to be deported back to their home countries, not given access to our taxpayer funded public services or snuck into the voting booths to bolster Obama’s radical agenda. And certainly not rewarded with amnesty at the expense of our future!

Sheriff Joe has made enemies of the most selfish person in the country – a person that has unlimited resources – and you better believe, Barack Obama has everything to lose if Sheriff Joe wins reelection.

Already, in the near two years of just some of Arizona’s no-nonsense immigration laws being enforced by Sheriff Joe’s office, Americans are filling the jobs once held by illegal immigrants and the burden on public resources has dropped as illegal immigrants flee either south of the border or to neighboring sanctuary states where there are no Sheriff Joes dedicated to standing up for the American people.

Sheriff Joe is a hero. Never doubt that.

But instead of being treated like the America-loving Patriot that he is, and applauded for doing his job and enforcing the law, he is being subjected to the most vicious liberal smear campaign paid for with your tax dollars and Soros’ pocket-change.

We know an Obama gallon of gas is more than $5/gallon in many places and that food prices are rising. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a local election about local needs. We need to keep Sheriff Joe in office not just for the security of Maricopa County but for the ENTIRE United States of America. Every aspect of our future – our children and our grandchildren’s future – depends on bringing Barack Hussein Obama down, and Sheriff Joe is the man for the job.

Sheriff Joe has risked EVERYTHING to stand up for us. We MUST stand up for him!

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