Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Illegal Immigration News

                                    Today's Illegal Immigration News


The Obama administration’s attorney arguing against SB 1070 predicted “mass incarceration” of Latinos if the 
Supreme Court upholds Arizona’s tough anti-illegal immigration bill, SB 1070. But not to worry – Sheriff Joe 
has a solution!

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio went on the record with CNSNews.com saying it’s not a problem in his 
jurisdiction because “I’ll put more tents up.” On the issue of overcrowding, the Sheriff reassured America, 
“I got room in the tents. I got plenty of room.”

The Supreme Court is expected to rule on the case by the end of its current term, or June.

                                 OBAMA: ‘I WAS BORN IN HAWAII,’ WINK, WINK

Barack Obama opened the White House Correspondents Dinner with giggles and winks about his alleged Hawaii 
birthplace joking that the April 28th dinner roughly marked the one year anniversary of the White House releasing 
a likely forged long-form birth certificate.

Obama then decided to “reintroduce himself” to America, saying:

“My name is Barack Obama. My mother was born in Kansas. My father was born in Kenya. And I was born, of 
course, [insert signature smirk and wink] in Hawaii.”

Despite dozens of lawsuits and an investigation by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse team of 
volunteers that has unearthed ‘probable cause’ that the document is the result of intentional forgery, the White 
House continues to mock the so-called “birther” movement rather than release all official records that would put 
the eligibility issue to rest.

Oh, wait. Those authentic, original documents are missing. What a [wink] coincidence.

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